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Advice Please? - Confused / Annoyed!

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Right, about 2 years ago I moved from England to Northern Ireland

I re-registered both of our cars with the DVLNI and the older of the 2 cars has just had a Northern Irish MOT.

Both cars have personalised registrations on them (not Irish reg's but 3 x 3 UK jobs) - bought direct via DVLA Auctions many years ago.

I now want to sell the older car and put the number plate onto retention as even if we buy another car I would put a different registration (another one I already have on retention) onto the new car.

My local DVLNI office is telling me that this is not possible in NI!

That the only way to achieve this would be to re-register the car in the UK, put the number plate on retention and then re-register the car in NI. Or alternatively by another car to put it on!

The only issue with this is that I believe to re-register the car you need a UK MOT and UK insurance. Plus get a refund on NI tax and pay for a new UK disc (and vice versa coming the other way)

So all in all an absolute pain in the ass.

Can anyone confirm my findings and issue any advice or am I out of nice simple options?

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