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vagcom induces fault codes on B7 A4

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A good mate has just bought a B7 2.5tdi sline and asked me to scan etc prior to buying.

Scans fine with no errors but then induces a fault causing it to enter limp mode. Fault code is:


VCDS Version: Release 805.4

Address 01: Engine

Control Module Part Number: 8E0 907 401 AF

Component and/or Version: 2.5l V6 TDI 0000SG 0030

Software Coding: 02002

Work Shop Code: WSC 06325

Additional Info: WAUZZZ8E25A480011 AUX6Z0D0459903

Additional Info: 00008059 130 106KC318_1.V14810580581

1 Fault Found:

01318 - Control Module for Injection Pump (J399)

34-00 - No Elaboration Available

Readiness: 0 0 X X X

Also seemed to lock RNSe up!!

He was a little shocked as was I, fault cleared by disconnecting battery for a while. Re scanned to get same problem! Never had any issues on other cars but have recently upgraded vagcom.

Any ideas anyone? Cheers, Paul

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Not notified ross tech yet.

Going to check in my car later as recently upgraded the software. My main concern is that there is an underlying problem with his car more than my vagcom itself.

I will email the findings when I get home to ross tech to see if they have any experience of it.

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