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Starter motor problem?

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Looking for advice really..

A couple of months ago i was having problems when starting up the mini. Id turn the ignition and nothing would happen, apart from the radio turning on and all the lights coming on. The engine wasnt even trying to start. total started off doing it every now and then. and eventually was doing it at least 3 times a day.

so as it was still under warranty, the garage took it in to investigate. it was with them for 4 days. they said they couldnt find anythin wrong. then on the day i was to pick it up - it did it to them. so they told me they replaced the starter motor. and that was that.

Now two months on it has started doing it again. just once every so often. Not as frequent as before. I put it into the garage again (warranty runs out in november)..and they say they cant find a thing wrong with it.

Im really annoyed because i dont know what to do? or what could be causing it?!?!

Or if they even changed the bloody starter motor the first time.

Help? :(

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