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Best Online Car Audio supplier

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Need some new ICE for the truck and wondered if anyone can recommend an online shop.

There is only a few ICE shops locally. Two of them cater for the lower end 'noise' stuff and the other basically doesnt listen to what you want and quotes for whatever they want to shift most/ gets them the most profit.

I know what I am after so would rather shop direct and do it myself.

Any one help out?

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I use caraudiodirect myself.

I have to say that Bluespot is the worst retailer I have ever used!!

Long story short....

Mate bought the Blaupunkt plug'n'play amp for his 3 series.

Arrived, stripped the car out to fit and the last bit (plugging the cable into the oem harness) and he couldn't do it. Couldn't work out what went where.

In teh end he asked them to take it back as he couldn't be bothered to strip the car again.

They refused.

It was under 7 days and he bought it online.

I said I would have it.

Got the kit and straight away I saw it was for pre 2003 cars, they had sent him the wrong cable.

I called them and explained that they had sent the wrong cable and asked if they could send a new one out.

They would but I would have to wait for the wrong one to go back and be processed, before thet sent a new one. :rolleyes:

I agreed to buy a new one and wait for a refund on the old one.

Was told there would be a 20% handling fee because it was a straight refund and not an excchange!! :eek:

But you sent me the wrong cable, and you are the one who just told me to buy a new one and get a refund on this one???!!

Was then told if I didn't agree to this they wouldn't ship the cable I needed.

But I have just paid you for it??


So, just spent £400 with you, you have sent the wromg kit, you are now saying a 20% surcharge or I don't get the cable I originally bought and paid for, or the new one I have just paid you for 3 minutes ago??


Got the new one, correct this time and then called them to tell them that I was doing a "How to...." on the Blaupunkt plug'n'play amp on laods of forums and they would be getting a mention on every one.

He then said I could have a 100% refund on the wrong part.

I declined and said I would rather just bin the cable, it was only £80.

He then strated to shout at me and call me all sorts of names. :roflmao:

The guy is a fukin' prick!!

Make sure you double check they have got your order right if using them cause god forbid if anything turns up incorrect. :ffs:

It makes the service at KFC seem like it is 5 star!!

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