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modern mini mag !

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hello to all! I'm new to this forum game so be gentle.Don't know how many of you buy modern mini mag ? I've been buying it for nearly 3 years and frankly I'm sick and tired of the same articles,people and clubs in it month after month.I've tried to email them but never seem to get any response. I've been all over the country too shows they've advertised and arrived to be greeted by an overwhelming number of the classic mini mob,with their usual jibes, I was as welcome as a fart in a space suit! so I've stopped going to them.Why encourage us to go if there's nothing for the new mini owner & no traders selling any gear for us and new minis are'nt really welcome ?.anyway like I said after nearly 3 years I going to stop buying it! anybody have the same opion?:mad::mad::mad:

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