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2.0TFSI - no power

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I know it's the GTI forum but my car is an A3 and it's the same engine as the MKV.

Hope it's ok to post this here, but was wondering if anyone had any advise on my engine problem?

Driving home on Friday, it seemed that the turbo just stopped working. No strange noises, just lack of power.

After reading around, I assumed it was the diverter valve, although no engine warning light had come on. Apart from lack of power the car seemed to run fine.

Left if for a few days for a mechanic had a quick look. He said something about a sensor code, took it for a spin and said it seemed ok.

I came back to the car and he said to take it for a spin to see if it felt ok.

It still (to me) had no torque/turbo, but 2 miles down the road I lost all power. There was no bang, or loud noises. I just completely lost power and the rev needle started jumping around the place very quickly.

The engine will turn over but it almost sounds like there is no compression. There's certainly no attempt whatsoever for it to fire up, so it's dead at the moment..

Any ideas what it could be? The cambelt is intact, as we've checked that. Bit gutted!

Thanks in advance.

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Are you sure it's not just a coil pack that has gone?

Not heard of many turbo problems; i'm not convinced it is the turbo from your comments.

Let us know how you got on +++

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