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Z4 wheels and windows

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Recommend ?

I bought a 2004 Z4 3.0i last May and generally well happy with it.

My last roadster was in 1975 and a Triumph TR6 so don't go there with my age.

I need to get 1 of my 18" BBS 108 alloys refurbed, typically water under the lacquer and would like any recommendations on who to go to in the Essex or North London area…or elsewhere.

The other problem is with the driver side electric window. There was a clonk from this last week and the window no longer works. You can here the motor running , and in unison with the passenger side, so I guess the mechanical connection has failed. Local dealer wants £168.72 an hour to look….no fixed price. Any recommendations on who I can take this to for a reasonably priced repair would be appreciated.

I do a lot of my own stuff and diagnosed coil pack failures recently with an OBDII scan device I bought…useful tool. How difficult is the window repair for an experienced DIYer?



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