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turbo intake

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hey all,

just looking for some advice here.

thinking about replacing the oem intakes on my car.

o6 dsg gti. not really sure what i am looking for though.

would this Forge Turbo Hose Kit for VW Golf GTI 2.0 TFSI Audi A3 (item 320474278103 end time 13-May-10 13:55:47 BST)

or this be sufficient? Carbonio Stage II MAF to Turbo Intake Piping 2.0TSI (item 320474276695 end time 13-May-10 13:53:24 BST)

now, someone recommended an ITG, which runs at about 400Eur, ~350stg.

however in the same breath i was also told it would mean having to upgrade my fuel pump!

now i felt at that moment as if i was being taken for a bit of a ride.

any thoughts or suggestions around the type of stuff i should get.

the car is remapped, its also a UK import, so apparently different to the one sold in southern Ireland


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