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2012 F20 1-series pictures & info

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These are the first photos of the the F20 1-series interior on a 135i. The centre console is clearly seen. Compared to the current 1-series, the console appears to be more driver oriented, the screen remains a hide-away version, and the radio controls have swapped positions with the air controls.

Recent model BMW interiors have all taken a noticeable step forward in design and quality (i.e. F10 5-series and E89 Z4), so we expect the same from the new 1-series' interior, which will debut in less than 12 months in the F20 3-door and 5-door hatchback models.

The official car show debut of the F20 1-series will be at the 2011 Frankfurt IAA in September 2011.

Germany's AutoBild (German version of Auoexpress) says the new F20 car will start off first as a RWD model. Later SOME FWD will be offered such as the five door mini van called the: CAT (Compact Activity Tourer) - a mixture of minivan and wagon. And a JOY model (yes, really!) - a mixture of wagon and coupe (ala the ugly Z3 coupe?) There will be a 3rd model called the: FAS - Family Activity Sport-tourer


three door 2011

five door 2011

coupe 2012

cabriolet 2012



* 116i 1.6L Turbo 136 PS (din)

* 118i 1.6L Turbo 156 PS

* 120i 2.0L Turbo 184 PS

* 125i 2.0L Turbo 218 PS

* 130i 2.0L Turbo 252 PS

* 135i 3.0L Turbo 306 PS


* 116d 2.0L 122 PS

* 118d 2.0L 150 PS

* 120d 2.0L 184 PS

* 123d 2.0L 204 PS

One interesting note is that the magazine says the 135i will remain a sporty coupe and cabrio while the top model will be the 1M with 340 PS, the same engine out of the Z4 - so they say! AutoBild's words not mine!

After the model intro BMW will offer a new top of the line diesel model called the: 125d This engine will be a 2.0L TWIN TURBO FOUR CYLINDER with 245 PS

Maybe someone can translate the magazine's last paragraph for me... from my understanding they say the F20 will last about seven years and that towards the end of the model life BMW will switch over to FWD & AWD for all models.

AutoBild also states that the 3rd generation Mini engines will also be shared within the new F20 range. These shared engines will be three cylinder power plants. Two gas engines: a 1.2L and a 1.5L. The MINI will get the 1er's 116i up thru the 120i engines up too 184 PS. The 1.4L diesel engine from the 116d will also be used by MINI.







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