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Manual gear shift weirdness

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I got my slightly used (only several thousand miles) fully loaded V10, previously owned by Audi and under warranty.

The beast is absolutely awesome. I love it and couldn't be happier.

One matter worries me a bit, and it manifests itself as follows:

Driving in third gear at around 3000rpm, the hand just resting very softly on the gear shift knob, just holding it with no pressure with three fingers. Giving a bit of gas nudges the gear noticeably knob forward, laying off the gas nudges it backwards. Now that I'm aware of it, I can even see it happening if I just watch it as I give and reduce gas.

I notice it mostly during city driving when I like to rest my hand next to the gear shifter as I often need to shift.

Nothing similar happens other manual cars, so this is something definitely new to me.

I hope other manual gearshift car owners can comment on this.


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