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New BMW 640i SE and 650i SE Convertibles now on BMW website

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The best comparison is a straight one:

650Ci SE outgoing versus 650i SE incoming

That started at £68,345. So you've now got the new price of £73,430.

Price rise of £5,085 or 7.4%.

Thing is, I added £6,500 of options to mine and that wasn't going mad either. Most buyers are going to spec at least £5,000 on top, probably more like £6-8k.

I guess it depends on discounts though I can't see them doing that at launch. Mine (though it's not a good comparison as this was 5 years ago now) was list at £62,400 with options but I paid £55,300 (11% or thereabouts). However, the 6 series had already been out a year when I got that.

i just think it makes it sound very expensive. I'm sure it'll be a superb car and I still love mine all these years later, but a potential £80k car for the 650i SE? Hmm, no.

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