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Polo 1.4 CL No-one can find the fault

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Polo 1.4 CL. 5 door hatchback

APQ engine


35,000 miles


Bad tick over and smells rich

Only doing 25 miles to the gallon

Plug black on no 4 cylinder

New parts


HT leads

Distributor cap

Rotor arm

Throttle body

Various machines have failed to find the fault, so I took it to VW main dealer in Portsmouth who had it for 10 days and eliminated possible faults with:

Ignition system.

Fuel system. (injectors and their spray pattern. Fuel pressure)

Lambda sensor, emissions

Cylinder pressure check done all cylinders, all pass.

Including no.4 that also passed leakage test.

They could not find what was wrong and wanted to strip the engine to examine the valves.

I declined their offer (£££) as I cannot understand how it is a valve issue as it passes a pressure test and there is no noisy tappet to suggest error in no.4 valve clearance.

Any one got any other ideas I could try?

Or am I mistaken on the valve issue.

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At last the problem is solved.

It was two dodgy followers (hydraulic tappets) on no 4 cylinder, worn concave quite a bit.

replaced the lot for £85

Sounds good now. bloody shame the garages couldn't have found that with their plug in gadgets.

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