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VW Polo Central locking pump 1.4 SE 2000

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Hi I wanted to share my knowledge as it could help you not to make the same mistake I did.

Basically if your central locking pump stops working check this first.

My problems started when the driver side door lock stopped working and the barrel fell out.Its a five door and the passenger door was already broke when i bought the car.Broken easy enough to fix and for the time being the central locking still worked using the button on the drivers door.I started using the car with the drivers door unlocked and using a steering lock and the central locking switch for the other doors.

I started working on it and took the passenger side door handle off to check what was broken.The locking padal was broken ( I fixed this using a repair kit off ebay real easy to do ) however after confirming the issue i put the door handle back on and ordered the required fix kit.From this point the central locking from the door switch stopped working.It would not work from anywhere not the boot or any other door.I checked fuses,wiring,bought a new switch etc etc air leaks from the central locking pump etc but nothing.The pump was dead and it didn't make a noise at all from this point

long story short if the plastic central locking mechanism within the actual door is turned using a screw driver (which I did when testing it with the handle removed ) and turned to a paticular position the pump becomes immobilised simple as that.In the end i fixed the passenger side door with the padal repair kit and before starting on the drivers door ( which had the same broken padal ) I pressed the central locking switch in the drivers door and guess what ? the pump was working again and still is.

So before you buy a new pump or switch check if your passenger door is working ? if its failed and you recall the barrel spinning round or it just wont turn then it may well have broken in a position which immobilised the pump

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