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My 75... it lives!

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Went to collect the 75 from my lockup yesterday.

I last saw it circa 12 months ago, when I locked it away.

When I did put it away, I disconnected the battery - so turned up with

tools and jump pack expecting a bit of a battle...

The bloody thing only started first time! - without the pack.

Rear brakes seemed a little sticky, but seem to be freeing off with use,

but the clutch is a bit sticky - suspect dodgy hose or sticky slave


I gave most of the underside a good coating of Waxoyl yesterday, so

hopefully that will keep the rot away for a few years yet. (Although the

NSF door has a bit of bubbling which needs sorting)

Just dropped it off with my trusted local man for a service and MOT...

as we plan to take it to Austria in October!

PS: Anyone know what it's likely to cost to have a new headlining put in? - I'm sick of the Duck tape peeling every few days. (It has perished where it meets the back window, due to sun damage, I assume)

Here it is, at Colerne, a few years back:


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