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VW Golf MK 5 Wiper Linkage issue

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Hi All,

It's been sometime since I last posted on the site and a quick search didn't turn up any answers to my issue but apologies if I have missed it somewhere.

I had my windscreen replaced this morning by Autoglass(Sunday) and the fitter managed to get my wipers off fine (be it they were seized on). However when he was refitting my wipers and tightening the bolt on the drivers side wiper arm he managed to sheer of the bolt and spline so now the wiper arm whilst on the linkage isn't technically held on by a securing bolt. I've tested the wipers and while they work I'm concerned that they may come off without warning and of course I'm concerned from a safely aspect too. I had a pull at the arm and it seems solid enough but I'm still concerned that it could come loose. I took it up with Autoglass as they've effectively damaged by car during the job but they arent having any of it and saying it was "wear and tear" as the caps that cover the bolts were missing (have been for years) so they've naturally corroded and snapped off when tightening. the annoying thing is that they claimed that this was mentioned to me before starting the job my argument was why would I agree to letting you work on my car if the risk of damaging it was high risk, I'm paying my excess for you to come and and damage my car then? and they certainly didn't tell me that it is likely that they would damage the car. sort of defeats the service that they are providing surly...?

The fitter said I could just put on some metal expoy glue on the sheered off bolt to provide some security but I'm not convinced. is there any substance to this? should I try this or should I look at replacing the linkage itself to ensure safety?

Also any thoughts on if I should continue to peruse this with Autoglass and as for compensation or should I report it to my insurance company as they are an approved provider for my fully comp insurance?

Any thoughts/guidance/feedback would be most appreciated as I'm not sure if I should continue to use the car until I get it sorted and I don't have another means of transport either :-(


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