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2007 A4 cabriolet Cab Roof Broken

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I have a 2007 A4 cabriolet. Recently the box stopped working. I took the car to a dealer and they said that the lever had broke as the box would not go up or down. On inspection they noticed a cable had broken within the lever. They glued this and it was fixed.

On the first time of use, I did close the roof on an incline and it refused to go up. I had to close it manually and now the roof will not go up or down. Now after diagnosis with the same garage, they have said that the roof requires a new sensor on the switch. Apparently you are unable to fix or buy a new sensor and I am required to buy a new motor with sensor. They have priced this at £197 + work and VAT = £344.

I just wanted to know if this was a fair price and if this was an accurate diagnosis.

I would be grateful for any response on this as I am deciding whether to go ahead at this price or if it could be all that is required to fix the roof. Have you heard of an incline causing a sensor to not work correctly?

Many thanks


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Welcome to TSN!

Was this at an Audi dealer?

If so, it might be worth (definitely) going to an audi/VW specialist or even a cab specialist.

Maybe have a look on eBay and at breakers yards.

Eitherway, you'll save a fortune on labour. They'll be able to service your car too.

Hope that helps!

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