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ABS Light not coming on - 2000 Bora TDi.

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HI, i have a 2000 VW Bora TDi. I have just put it through it's NOT and it failed due to the abs light not coming on at all. Not when the key is first turned or when starting the engine.

I have just used a VAG fault finder lead & the lite VAG software and gave me:

2 Faults Found:

00290 - ABS Wheel Speed Sensor; Rear Left (G46)

35-00 - -

00283 - 00283 - ABS Wheel Speed Sensor; Front Left (G47)

35-10 -

I fitted a new sensor on the front, as that code came up before the MOT. The problem is that the plastic socket that goes into the sensor is missing and there are 2 spade clips there instead. So i wasn't sure which wire went where. Tried one way but only just used the fault finder again as it wasn't at my home and i have a bad back at teh moment, so i can't try to swap the two connectors for the sensor around.

So would these codes cause the ABS light not to light up at all? I'm ok fixing mechanical parts, but when it comes to electronics, etc, i am a newbie.

Any help would be very welcome. I start a new job in a few days and need the car to pass the MOT for then.



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I'm no expert but I would have thought the light would at least come on to start with regardless of the fault condition?

How long have you had the car? I assume you've seen the light on before at some point?

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