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Passat Variant sidelights failure

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Car: Passat Variant, 1995, model CL, mileage 360k+, original engine, original clutch, works as a mobile toolbox, plus trips from South of France to UK.

Problem: right hand front and rear sidelights have stopped working. Fuse OK, bulbs OK, left hand side and tail lights OK, so I assume there is a connector somewhere I can't find, which may need to be cleaned/renewed/replaced. And the car is dry inside - it's never suffered the common Passat problem of damp under the carpets.

I've been off this forum for six years (shows how reliable the old Passat was), but had a lot of useful help in the past. Can anyone help with advice now? The car owes me nothing, but it seems a shame to scrap it for the sake of failed sidelights! I have three other cars, but this works as a mobile toolbox, useful not least because it's one of the few cars you can carry a three-metre length inside the car (saves a lot of time strapping stuff to the roof-rack).

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