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AutoArt 1/18 Diecast model cars for sale.

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Since we downsized and moved house 7 years ago my collection of AutoArt 1/18 rally cars has been carefully stashed away in the loft and  in their boxes.

It's now time to move them all on.


I started to collect these in the early 90's when AutoArt was relatively unknown, each model then costing around £50 each.

The quality, detail and workmanship is astonishing

AutoArt (it seems) are now focused on manufacturing 'Supercars' and other lower quality manufacturers have taken up selling WRC and earlier rally cars (SunStar and the like).

AutoArt quality is head and shoulders above others discast model manufacturers.


The cars overs the years have cost me between £50 and in some cases £120 each.


All my cars are rally cars, all from around the mid 60's right up till 2010.

I have about 80 in total.

Most have been displayed out of their boxes.

All have their boxes.

None would be considered 'mint' but all are very good condition.


Idealy I want to shift the lot in one go (no point in only keeping 'one or two'....).


PM me for more details.


Bearing in mind some of these are nearly 20 years old and long out of production.


Check out ebay for current selling prices to give you an idea.





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