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Buckmore Park - Go Karting. Friday 20th May, 7:30pm

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I've got Buckmore Park track booked exclusively for a race this coming Friday evening and as usual.... some of the people that had said yes... have now pulled out, leaving me 6 short of my minimum (I'll have to make up the difference out of my own pocket!)
Although this is round 3 in my little championship and there are 18 of us accumulating points across different rounds, your still welcome to come and races as a one off, but as a non-member, if you finish top 3, you won't get a trophy I'm afraid.
Fear not... we are FAR from professionals and there are drivers of all abilities. Some of us know each other, other are new, so don't feel like you won't fit in.
Buckmore Park – Friday May 20th, 7:30pm arrival
Race times
19:30 – Arrival, Sign in, Suit up, Briefing
20:30 – 10 min Practice / Qualifying
20:55 – Race Start. 30 min sprint from a grid start
21:30 – Trophies, Lap times
Cost and Payment
For a non member the cost WAS £72.50 per driver and your more than welcome to pay me that much :thumb:
But as I'm getting desperate I'm dropping it to £65 per driver for the 6 drivers that I need to meet my minimum. I'd rather lose a little per driver than have to pay for empty karts.
If you can use this link please to pay
The drivers list, circuit address, google maps link to the circuit and other details are on the website here:
Thank you and feel free to ask any questions.
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Do they ask you to detail the karts afterwards?  :bike:


Good luck in filling the spaces. I'm sure it'll be a cracking evening  +++

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Last plug I promise. 

3 spaces left at the discounted price.
Thank you

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