VW Polo: Key fob no longer unlocks doors or starts the car

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Hi everyone!
I'd like some help please. The key fob is not working for the Polo anymore (although it was fine yesterday). It won't unlock the doors remotely or start the ignition. The fob battery is fine as the fob still lights up (and so does the 2nd key I have).
I can open the door manually by turning the key, so I can get inside the car. But I can't unlock all the doors and when I turn the ignition, the key turns and nothing happens. No dashboard, no engine, just nothing.
I've checked the car's manual and looked online, but can't find a solution. I suspect I've simply triggered an engine immobilisation or SafeLock feature, but following steps in the car manual to deactivate these does not work. There is also no indicator light on my dashboard to tell me either of those 2 things are active (which apparently should happen even when the ignition is off).
VW Polo
1.2 engine
32k miles
Any help appreciated. Thank you!

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Is the car battery flat.........Stupid question maybe, but it sounds like the fob is working but the car is flat to me, you say there is nothing at all when you turn the key.

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Thanks for the reply :) We've checked it out and sadly it has to be taken back to the dealer. Appreciate the reply!

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