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Hi all and thank you for allowing me to join your site. I'm hoping you have some good vw tech members that can help me out. What I have is a T6 caravelle with a factory fitted composite media dab player and want to upgrade to a discover media nav/dab unit, I have legitimately bought a second hand unit from Germany at a semi reasonable price which I was fully aware would need coding at a dealership. My dealership agreed to fit it for free as the T6 they sold me was faulty and had to go back a couple of times. They fixed my van but rang to say they could not fit the media player as they said it was not compatible as component connect had come up, I had to explain to them that was the new security measures instead of codes, and they would need to request its removal with the factor as it is not stolen. They didn't seem to get it and said they would get on to vw tech and get back to me.They go back to me and said they cant do it, it is program at the factory. They also said that the 5F control unit isn't seeing the new radio, they have not even manage to remove the protection which from my research is quite an easy task for the agents to do.So if there is anyone from VW out there that knows what they should be doing could give me detailed instructions I could pass on it would be appreciated . Regards Ian

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