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2 things! 1 fantastic! Sorry, no pics

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Saw these 2 things on the A1 north.


1) A 70's Aston Martin (proper one!!!)  B15AMV (IIRC) I think was the plate.  Utterly fantastic as it came past me.  I was cruising at 70, and he wasn't faffing about like a typical classic  car driver.    Deep colour and oh so lovely.  Looked perfect! 

Looking at them, they really have their noses in the air and the tail down on the road.


2) A broken down A3.  Had more than just a puncture.  The front tyre looked as though it was doing a lorry special and shedding it's remoulded tread.  The tyre walls were still on the wheel, but the tread was sticking out at an angle.  HTF???  I don't know!!!


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