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team some advice please.
Buying my lad a PS4 and was all set for the PS4 pro. We're moving from an Xbox 360

So. 4slim or pro. I'll have a job persuading him for the slim I suspect having waited for the neo but it just seems a bit meh......without a 4K to?
What else do I need to factor in as minimum kit? I think it only comes with 1 controller so I'll need to work out £45 for 1 more?

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I'd say the HDD capacity is the most important thing, 500Gb is just not enough with so much downloadable content. I'd either buy a 2 or 3Tb 2.5" drive and upgrade yourself or buy a 1Tb OEM PS4 as a minimum, with a view if it gets filled up, you can upgrade.

The Pro has optical audio output (for an older AV receiver), but most modern AVRs use HDMI audio anyway.... it also has an extra USB port on the back, useful for the VR headset apparently.

Think we'll be getting a 1Tb Slim for one of our tribe, doesn't need 4K in his bedroom !    I might NEED a Pro for the 4k though  :D

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I did try to sell "PS4 slim 1tb = more money for games" he was having none of it.

Pro 1tb it is...deals very limited though

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