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MK Meet - Weds 7th June

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Weds 7th June, 6:30pm onwards at Ye Olde Swan, Woughton on the Green, Milton Keynes, just off the A421.      +++

Posting this a bit earlier than normal, day off today, hence having an admin day!  As more than one person has tried to arrive a week early over the course of the last year, please note the meet is Weds 7th June - NOT the Weds in the week of the the bank holiday / half term / last day in May.

Our new home is Ye Olde Swan - bags of outside seating for the summer, a cosy 16th century core (no Disney windmills here!) plus most importantly great food!  Good turn out in April + May in the welcome daylight following the clocks changing, nice variety of cars, a good showing of quattro Audi Avants in May.  Table already booked for 10 people @ 7:30pm, number required before the night, hence the roll call below....

6:30pm onwards, any enthusiast welcome, not just VAG and / or Porsche!  Usual suspects please post your interest, potential MK meet newbies please post below so we can look out and welcome you - even more so given the new venue!  The meet is posted on RS246, Audi SRS, the S2 Forum and TSN.

Ye Olde Swan
Newport Road
Woughton on the Green
Milton Keynes

The bit highlighted in red on the second map is the road through the pub - you can access from both ends.  Congregate at the north end of the car park, the four spaces by the red arrow are the biggest for A8s + RS6s etc.  Forgot to take pics last meet sorry - archive pic from June 2007 showing the variety of attendees!  And three of those cars are still with their respective owners 10 years on!


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Sorry Geezer!

Should be able to make the August meeting... (Unless I get a job and cannot as it's miles away!)

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1. Ian_C
2. John
3. Lee
4. Nik
5. Richard
6. Nige
7. Finner
8. Greg

Looks like we'll have the pick of this weeks weather tomorrow.   :grin:

Hope you are enjoying your freedom for a bit Jo!

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Great to see you all!  Unfortunately the drizzle started not long after we arrived and turned to rain around 7:30pm, hence we went inside.  No pics!  A mixture of practical daily drivers / one electric car / a C7 RS6 and an air cooled 911!

Just to say thanks to Greg and Lee who let me know in advance they couldn't make it - thank you for letting me know - helps keep the pub happy.

Next meet Weds 5th July.

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