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MMI early firmware issue

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Hi all,

whilst this issue is actually on my A8, I know there's a whole load more people on the A6 forum here and the system is near identical, so I thought I would post here also in the hope of some help. I have an original MMI standard unit in my A8 4.2 TDi D4 with the very first firmware version. It won't play my hard drive plugged into the USB input with all of my music like my Allroad or my older D3 A8 as it seems the original firmware had lots of bugs. You can play an album, but if you then decide to play something else, you have to unplug it and start again or it won't see any other music as it thinks all of the folders are empty. I took it somewhere to have the firmware (and the maps, which are also old) updated. However the guy couldn't do it (ex Audi technician) because it had such an old version in it. When he went to update it, it told him that it would be updating twelve items when only ten originally existed and that it would possible corrupt the system. Needless to say he wouldn't continue. He therefore can't update it, and instead advised that I should try and get a newer MMI version. Either a later build date version of the same part number which had improved hardware inside which would take the new updates, or, an MMI 3G high plus which has the GSM module in it as well. He said I would need to fit the aerial lead to the shark fin for the GSM, plus Audi would have to remove the security protection when it was installed.

Does anyone know if anyone has ever done this swap and succeeded. I would imagine it will need to be coded to get the right fit to the car, but other than that, does anyone have any thoughts or advice.

Thanks all.

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