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A4 B6 Avant Rear washer leak

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Hi Guys

When I use the rear washer on A4 B6 Avant I get a wet patch on the headlining on the right hand side just be the tailgate opening. I have removed the head lining which goes across from left to right but cant see the washer pipe. I have also removed the right hand side black plastic hinge cover hoping to see the washer pipe, but even after removing the rubber flexible cover all there is what looks like a bunch of wires wrapped with tape. Is the washer pipe in that bunch do you know? Plus do you know the rout of the washer pipe? I assume it travels from the wiper motor around the tailgate through the right hand side tailgate hinge into the roof of the car somewhere and then I don't know.  I presume the washer pipe is leaking/split/joint come apart somewhere just past the tailgate hinge but I can't physically see where the pipe is or where it goes.

This is where I need your help please.

Any suggestions gratefully received.


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