2002 996.2 3.6 Coupe

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On 5/22/2018 at 9:20 AM, eldavo69 said:

There was quite a lot of dusty dirt in the back of the trim and when wet this would be sat against the metal at the end of the sill so well worth removing these for a clean out annually (I’m looking at you Patently)

I'd rather you looked at my 911, tbh? My sills are fine.

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On 5/22/2018 at 9:31 AM, eldavo69 said:

I can park the car upside down now - these photo uploads, grrrr.


I'm. Saying. Nothing. At. All. :blink:

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16 hours ago, patently said:

I'm. Saying. Nothing. At. All. :blink:

If patently took up flying


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I had a day off and some time to spare so decided to fit some bumper mesh to protect the radiators and aircon condensers. 


Due to their location they get stuffed up with leaves and dirt and rot out - the previous owner had replaced the aircon condensers for this exact reason - so I figured it made sense to whip the bumper off, give everything a clean out and fit some mesh to the back of the bumper. 

ZunSport makes a kit that just clips in from the front of the bumper but it’s about £160 and sticks out like a particularly ugly sore thumb. Far more subtle if you put some mesh in behind the bumper - and far cheaper, less than £30 all in for the bits. There are thick black plastic tabs around the cutouts that you can screw into without fear of damaging the actual bumper so it was a relatively quick and straightforward job! Took the opportunity to remove the front arch liners and clean them up and everything behind too - then even some trim gel on the air ducts you’ll never see - just because.












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