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My air con is "stuck" in econ mode so the first thing I did was to take it for a re-gas. "Your pressures are fine" said the Moto -Save guy "so it doesn't really need a re-gas and its unlikely to cure the problem- maybe the pumps gone"

 Being quite averse to such drastic off the cuff diagnoses I read about the problem and learned that the next most likely cause is a failed "G65 pressure sensor"  

The problem is I can't find the sensor and even after several hours of surfing I have not seen a clear photo of the whereabouts of this elusive component which I understand can be changed without de-pressurising the system. The thing might be hiding behind one of the headlights but before I start taking then out can anyone please confirm this ?

The car is a 2005 Allroad 2.5 tdi auto with the BAU 132kw engine. I would be pleased to learn  If anyone has recently dealt with this issue.. 

Thanks in advance    



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Before you do that, can you hear/see the air conditioner pulley switch over when you ask it to use the air con?  You can usually hear a click and the engine note changes as the load on it increases.

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No the pulley is not engaging as I've had the cover off to check.  Thanks for the pointer but I still haven't found the thing !  I think the illustrations are for a later model , Here are some shots taken when I had the bumper off - I wasn't looking for the G65 then though ! 






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