A3 Tdi Boost Pressure Regulation

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Hi All, 

Been a long time since I posted here... I ran a search on my topic and managed to find a few threads but I wanted to get some fresh advice/guidance on what I should do next.

Car in Question: Audi A3, 2.0 TDi, DSG Sline. Mileage 132K

The car overall runs like clockwork and bar the usual wear and tear its a dream to drive. coming home from London over the weekend was going as a brisk pace, took my foot off the loud pedal and went to hit the power again and I got nothing... like the Turbo had disappeared. dropped gears no pull or power and effectively in limp mode. Got home, turned the car off and restarted it and all power restored, car pulls fine and normal service resumed. since then (about 3 days) issue hasn't come back again

Had the car in at a local independent who diagnosed the following: 

000564 - Boost Pressure Regulation

PO234 - 000 - Limited Exceeded (Overboost Condition) - Intermittent

The garage advised that the Turbo is on its way out and that I should look at replacing it, could be weeks or timeline. 

replacing the Turbo is quite costly so I'm wondering how I can validate this short of getting a second opinion... are there any other options I could try? 

Replacing the Boost Pressure Sensor? 


Cheers all for the feedback. 

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