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M3 SMG testdrive

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here it goes

so i tested a BMW M3 SMG at the local Beamer testcenter.

what was i expecting after haven driven my new car,

porsche 993 4S, for almost a month now...well, to be honest i expected a far more controllable beast and a true and ease blaster and thrill giving machine

what did i get?

feck all...


I went there with an open mind,

put the porker thru it's paces on the way over there so i could have a better feeling when i was blasting with the M3

I got to take out a M3 with SMG box and 19"

alloys, grey car,I must admit, it does look the

dogs danglies.

it was a 90min testdrive, first there was an instructor to show me everything while he drove it for 30mins,

then i could have a spin for 30min and then he would show me what exactly the car could do for the next 30min's

so off we go....

I'll skip the first 30mins and directly go to

the 30mins i gor behind the wheel


that SMG box is really, really, really cool

would i buy this car in manual= NO!!!!

why not?

well it's a really neat system, it's in no way

comparable to the system Audi, porsche and Mercedes got, this is actually a fully manual version that's just operated sequentually.

1) faster than normal changes fastest mode

takes 80milliseconds (reference: ferari are at

120milliseconds, normal most changes are at

120milliseconds with the SMG)

2) always right

3) this system (in sequantial settings) also

changes down to allow you to engine brake!!!

it will do so to every gear untill you would

select a gear that is so low that you would

instantly hit the rev limiter (then it holds

back and keeps you in the gear you are)

4) you got so many programs to play with you

would find a program for every mood, and more

importantly one for you and one for the misses!!!

pressing the Sport mode switch gives you an

extra 6th SMG box program!!!! VERY FAST and HARD changes!!!

5) in fully automatic mode it's also a VERY good car.

hit program 1 and you're driving a big lexus, very smooth and slow changes.(ideal for the woman of cruising)

put it in the 5th program, very fast, and floor

this baby and it will keep pulling right to the

rev limiter!!!

at the same speed it will downchange 2 gears

when you go from program 1 to 5

6) the peddles of joy!!!!!!

once you're used to using them you will never

take your hands of the steering wheel and will

never touch that gearstick again!!! They are VERY, VERY well designed

7) it even gives gas in between downchanges



1)sometimes it's an annoying feeling when it

changes. If you're used to manuals it feels

weird, but you'll get used to it very fast....

2) the launch control thing sucks!!!

he told me not to use it since it actually destroys the car after using it 25-30 times so that SUCKS!!!

that's it, i wouldn't have tought i would ever say this

but i would prefer the SMG over the manual

it's NOT AN AUTO, it's a MANUAL that's operated SEQUENTIALLY


cause i wouldn't feck my clutch every 40.000miles,

it's quicker this way, it's fun, it's easier

(nerver take hands of the wheel)

AND!!!! the missus would be able to drive my

supercar when i'm not using it and she couldn't

feck it up, even if she wanted to...


now for the rest of the car

B) looks...

Well, this car has got an B for looks, It's cool,

it's a wolf in sheeps clothes, it doesn't stand out,

but that's just the beauty of this beast, it looks superb on this 19" alloys, but it's still a 3 series, compared

to an S3 or an S4 it looks VERY awesome, compared to a porker or a other supercar it looks boring and just like any other beafed up normal road car

so all in all it's a "B" but one of the better looking B cars there is smile.gif

C) Handling

I and the testpilot aswell truely put it thru it's paces on our small roads here, and although it's a very very well handling car it never felt like i was getting really

involved, the main reason for that is that you sit so high it's really annoying....

bit like with a racebike...if you have the feeling you sit on top of the bike it's wasted...if on the other hand you can feel like you sit IN the bike....keep the corners coming smile.gif

but i have to admit, it's a very good

compromise between a not so harsh ride and stil

a very controllable car in corners when booting

it, specially keeping in mind this car had 19" alloys on it

The wife will still like the ride even with these wheels on it but don't think you'll be buying a very race like car....

D) Brakes

very good, but the feeling of the pedal is soft...

not like the porker wich is VERY hard and inspires you with confidence...

E) Sound

the car has a awesome sound, it's in the same league as a Porsche.Altough i kinda still prefer the sound of a RS4

with milteks on it booting it....let's just wait and see till i have the sportexhaust fitted to my porker smile.gif

F) Engine

it just keeps pulling and pulling altough i never found it fast compared to the feeling i had when i drove Rob's RS4 (only milteks on it, although i've heard he has one of the fatests stock RS4's built)might just be the lack of turbo kick in the grunts when accelerating

having said that, on the way home i found the feeling of accelerating in the porker a tad quicker than the M3, might just be the fact you sit soo much closer to the ground in the porker


The M3 is a VERY VERY good car and it all depends on to which car you're comparing it

if you're doubting between M3 and a RS4 i think

it depends on what you want of the car

space/children/dog: RS4

trackcar: M3

kick in the back feeling: RS4

cruiser to be noticed: M3 (not to many ppl know a RS4)

tunable car: RS4

foglight driving: M3


it'll be a close fight

if you want to have the best race feeling and you're doubting between a second hand porker or a new M3.

the porker wins hands down, the M3 isn't even

in the same league, maybe when looking at the

figures, but as always those don't tell it all...

the porker just feels more like a race car

1) you sit ALOT closer to the ground

2) the cabin might be old, bit it feels so much more like a racer and it's alot more cocoon feeling

3) handling is a few steps higher on the ladder

4) brakes are ALOT better

the only thing in favour of the M3 is that it's a better compromise if the misses also has to be able to drive the car in the weekend or...

would i swap my car for a M3: NO thanks

would i go for the M3 if i hadn't been in a porker or RS4 before: DEF YES!!!

it might be that i"m spoiled in having a porsche as a daily car, the brakes and handling (feeling) of a porsche is just so race like, you will find other cars are just not up for it....

when i say: porsche or porker i mean the 993, i'haven't drivin a 996 before so i can't comment for that car

(a few of my friends have had a 993 and now have a 996 and they all say they wish they would have kept the 993 for racing and [censored], it just feels alot faster and is more fun, where the 996 is just a modern day comfy sportcruiser) notworthy.gif

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Good review mate, great detail. I have test driven the M3 SMG also and i thousth the car was incredible, beats the 55 overall but no way near in pace. I thought if i had the money for any car that would be the one i would take. Have to say i have never diven a porche. Think i will test drive the 996 TT though, incredible car, struck between asking for the manual or semi now though...

Have you seen the new Evo, they have a review involving the Porche Ruf turbo in it, havent read it yet but it looks an feckin cool, beats the GT2 by miles;..


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