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Welcome to Tyresmoke!

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Welcome one and all!

Here’s a little place on the web for Ferrari owners and enthusiasts alike. If this is your first visit to Tyresmoke then how about a quick introduction?

Unlike many other forums, Tyresmoke isn’t dedicated to one specific make or model, we don’t get obsessive about the tiniest details and we’re far from cliquey. Instead, Tyresmoke is a collective meeting point on the web for people with a common interest in performance cars and ownership to while away those awful hours in the day that some people call ‘work’ as well as a fantastic source of information on all things motoring.

Tyresmoke is quite simply the community for people that like cars, mainly ones that shift a bit. Tyresmoke is where you will find the Joy. You might not have known you were looking for it but you’ve just found it.

We’re not big on rules here, afterall this is a forum made for our users, by our users. There’s only really a couple of things we don’t like and that’s:

- Pornographic or Particularly offensive content

- People plugging stuff on the back of our large userbase. The site is free and its here for you but Its simply not fair to our advertisers and so moderators will appear as if by magic and make it go away.

We’re also not big on moderation either. We believe that we set out a ‘feel’ to the site when we started it and that people are free to browse, see if they think they might fit in and if they like it, register and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.

Here’s an interesting stat: in almost 3 years that we’ve been a part of the web, with almost 12,000 registered users and over 18m hits per month, Tyresmoke moderators have banned precisely zero users wink.gif Its just not what we want to do.

If something inappropriate is posted or if an issue arises, a moderator will pop along for a quiet word and an explanation of why something was inappropriate and we can all get on with. Moderators have green usernames and if you’d like to contact one just scroll down to the bottom left corner of the forum page you’re looking at and you’ll see a list of moderators for the forum you’re looking at.

Oh, and we also don’t charge you for any part of the Tyresmoke user experience. Nothing at all. In fact, its totally against what this site is about. This site is about spreading The Joy, and The Joy should always be free.

Avatars, user galleries, private messages, sigs, marketplace listings…all Free! 169144-ok.gif

You’ll notice there are many other forums within Tyresmoke and hopefully there’s something for everyone.

We feel that certain areas of discussion such as


Car Electronics

Discussing Dealers

Performance Tuning




are useful for everyone so we’ve grouped them in a central section for all owners to participate in.

There’s also our

General Marketplace <font color="gray">(for buying and selling)</font>

along with the dedicated

Tyresmoke Classifieds <font color="gray">(where you can add more detailed information about what you’re selling)</font>

Additionally, there are a few other sections that make up the spirit of Tyresmoke such as the

Lounge of Joy <font color="gray">(A place for all that random musing we do instead of working and most other random topics)</font>

General Cars <font color="gray">(For non model-specific motoring discussions)</font>

Spotter's Forum <font color="gray">(Seen an interesting car or perhaps another Tyresmoker?)</font>

IT/AV & Home Cinema <font color="gray">(Remarkably busy and hugely useful for sorting out life’s techy issues)</font>

Sniff Petrol <font color="gray">(We’re also home to the official Sniff Petrol forums. If you’ve never read Sniff Petrol then get over there and have a read of the web’s funniest monthly motoring satirs!)</font>

Tyresmoke Agony Aunt <font color="gray"> (Feck it, everyone’s got problems! Just don’t expect the most serious of replies wink.gif )</font>

Holidays <font color="gray"> (We all go on those…)</font>

Your Opinion <font color="gray"> (For you to tell us what you think)</font>

Bugs/Questions <font color="gray">(For when stuff occasionally goes wrong or if there’s something you’d like to ask)</font>

We also have the Tyresmoke Gallery where you can upload images of your car (Guess what, we don’t charge for that either!). If you have any issues with using the Gallery, or would like a new blank album created for you then please contact Gallery Stig

Here are a couple of handy guides to help you out

*How to get images into your posts*

*Adding images to the Tyresmoke Gallery*

Oh, and if you see a little flashing envelope at the top of your screen then, lucky you, you have a private message! Just click on the envelope to view a list of your received messages. There will be one “phantom” one there after you’ve registered that doesn’t appear in the list – we’re not sure why that happens so sorry about that. And, of course, we don’t charge for private messaging either!

Enjoy our community 169144-ok.gif

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