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...My first impressions of the GTI.

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Had my new GTI a few days now since picking it up. jump.gif

First I love its subtle looks especially in Diamond Black. ( I also like it in Tornado Red or Candy White by the way ).

Did all the checks at the dealers, bottle opener - yes !... leather bound GTI badged manual -yes, nice touch that,... full tank of Optimax - dream on !

Forgot how good the GTI is to drive, so well planted on the road. The DSG is a peach so smooth, amazing piece of kit.

Have only played with 'D', manual & a few paddle changes so far. Saving 'Sport' for 'when more at one with the car' so to speak and of course when run in. smile.gif

DSG is so controllable, creeping in town traffic & when manoeuvring it really is so easy. When on the open road the throttle is so responsive with seamless gear changes.

So far the ride is quiet, not overfirm & soaks up poor surfaces without undue noise ( running with Dunlops on 17's ).

The general finish of the interior is fine, seems well put together - time will tell. I like the 'Interlagos' cloth ( treated with 'Scotchgard' to alleviate the usual accidents later on ). I have folding mirrors, which are still working ! and they give me a useful reduction of the mirror width by 6cms per side.

I have 'cruise' which I have always found useful especially on longer motorway work.

On a practical point its 5 door with plenty of space to act as a 'van' on the odd occasion. I would stress on the odd occasion ! NONO3.GIF

Noticed the odd subtle change to spec. have appeared such as the 'Volkswagen' rear flap opener has been made in 'relief' now giving the badge visually more substance & I find it gives a better grip when opening...clever little improvements.

Overall very pleased so far, can't wait till its run in to explore its obvious potential. smile.gif

Will post some pics. when I have had some time to clean the road filth off.

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Good to hear you`re enjoying it mate ! 169144-ok.gif

I`m in a similar situation, as I`m on my first GTI, and have only had it around 3 weeks now, but I`m enjoying every minute.

Even makes going to work a pleasure, as it`s an excuse just to drive my new baby............. grin.gif

I have the manual, as opposed to DSG (used car, so I had no choice, as it had to be the right car, rather than the right box), but I`ve found the manual box to be excellent; ie: smooth and precise..........Cant`t ask for any more at the moment. smile.gif

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