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Common faults on a Golf/Bora 1998 > 2005

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Reposted from Mulkbears valuable info.

Common faults on a Golf/Bora 1998 > 2005

General faults

1) F. Window drops into door and will not come up

C. Window regulator clips have snapped

C. Window regulator is repaired with a window regulator repair kit

2) F. No brake lamps when brake pedal is pressed

C. Both brake bulbs have blown or brake pedal switch has failed.

C. Replace bulbs or brake pedal switch.

3) F. Wipers slow or stopped mid wipe

C. Wiper linkage seized

C. Wiper linkage is replaced

4) F. Rear washer in/op

C. Connection joint for the water supply to the rear washer jet has come off

C. Reconnect pipe with a small jubilee clip.

5) F. Warning boot open lamp on when boot is closed

C. Water ingress into boot latch caused by fault 4

C. Dry on boot latch switch or replace boot catch.

6) F. Temperature gauge in/op and poor running when cold

C. Faulty coolant temperature sensor

C. Replace coolant temperature sensor

1.6 8V Engine AKL faults

1) F. Engine revs high or cutting out at junctions

C. Oil deposits and carbon build up in the throttle body housing

C. Throttle body housing is cleaned and adapted.

2) F. Light misfire at idle and light throttle

C. H.T. leads or sparking plugs faulty

C. Replace faulty item

3) F. Rough idle

C. Burnt out inlet or exhaust valve

C. Cylinder head is removed and burnt out valve is replaced

4) F. Loss of drive and clutch

C. Machining defect in gearbox housing allows gear box parts to come though bell housing causing gear box oil to contaminate the clutch.

C. Replacement of gearbox, clutch assembly and in some case’s flywheel

(Common post 60k miles)

1.9 TDI PD Engine ATD, AJM, ASZ and ARL Faults

1) F. Lack of power in General

C. Air mass meter has failed

C. Replace air mass meter

2) F. Lack of turbo power plus whooshing when turbo kicks in

C. Turbo pipe has split or connection has failed

C. Reconnect the turbo pipe or replace defective turbo pipe.

3) F. Loss of power after a short drive but switch ignition off and on and regains power.

C. Fault with turbo system causing safety system to turn turbo off.

C. Replacement of turbo or maybe several other faults

1.8 20V Turbo Engine AUM, AUQ Faults

1) F. Light rattling noise from engine at start up

C. Lack of oil pressure to cam chain tensioner

C. Replacement of cam chain tensioner or clean out block oil feed pick up.

2) F. Contain misfire

C. Coil tower failure

C. Replacement of faulty coil tower

1.9 SDI Engine AQM faults

1) F. Lack of power

C. The engine is shite

C. Sell it and buy a real golf

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