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Instrument panel 1995 diesel estate

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This is a question for experts with an intimate knowledge of the Passat's wiring! I've just acquired a slightly younger version of my elderly but trustworthy French estate - this one originally supplied in the Netherlands. Problem: the instrument cluster was u/s, and was replaced by the last owner with a scrappy-bought one (nothing wrong with that - I'm a favourite customer of my local scrappy), but from a 1992 vehicle. The connections are the same, but the layout of the panel lights is slightly different. On the original (labelled Diesel 3.0 on the rev counter) the turn indicator lights are two green arrows, either side of the odometer. On the older replacement (labelled Diesel 2.3 on the rev counter), the indicators show up on a single green LED, bottom left of the odometer. The problem being that this green LED stays on permanently, flashing off when the turn indicators are used. I'd rather not drive all the time with a bright green LED shining at me, so is there a quick fix to restore the warning LED to its proper state. I know the obvious answer is to find a replacement panel of the same vintage and with the same code/label, but this is proving difficult - not many Passats come into the local scrappies in the south of France ....

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