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Any 330d owners here?

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I just wanted to know if your rain sensor has a small hole in which there is a light sensor, you probably have...I was thinking that this might be the autolights on sensor, but as you said you don't have the feature or selection point on your light console on your dash- i was thinking if you could just buy the new switch and swap the console you would have auto ligts on..?? I guess i really need to know if this thing is a light sensor or not, if not then where would it be on the cars that do have it...BTW I have the wash system on the headlamps-but not sure if they are part of the options list or standard... ROLLEY~14.GIF

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There is what appears to be a light sensor to the lower right corner of the big blue sensor (looking from outside the car).

It is possible though that this doesn't go anywhere useful. 2 theories (not knowing much about these things smirk.gif) firstly it could be used by the rain sensor to detect bright sunlight so as not to upset the rain detection. Secondly it could be something to do with the auto-dip rearview mirror - after all, this only needs to work in the night.

I must say I'm less than convinced by the rain sensor, it seems to get upset by bright sunlight and dirt on the windscreen whereas the first rain sensor I ever encountered was in a Citroen (Xantia I think confused.gif) and it was perfect for the week I had the car (hire car). Am I just being to picky and they're all like this?

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Your possibly correct, althought the mirror on the rear has a slot for this , cover it up with your finger and shine your torch in it, it will darken - so what is this light sensor for.. on the rain sensor module? we really need to find out from someone who has auto lights on i guess..!

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Rain/driving-light sensor (RLS)

As in the E65, a rain/driving-light sensor (RLS) will be introduced

in the E46/E39 for 09/01 as special equipment, SE 521. The

driving lights are turned on and off automatically with the RLS

depending on the prevailing light conditions around the vehicle.

Two additional optical sensors have been integrated in the

housing of Automatic Interval Control (AIC) for the RLS. In

addition to the unaltered control of the wiper intervals by AIC,

the two new sensors have the following functions:

- A surrounding-light sensor records the luminous intensity in a

wide angle of coverage above the vehicle.

- A frontal-light sensor records the luminous intensity in a

narrow angle in front of the vehicle.

An internal processor calculates from the measured data of the

sensors whether a switch-on condition is present or not.

E46 Facelift/Model Year 2002

The following switch-on conditions are monitored:

- Dawn/dusk

- Darkness

- Driving into an underground car park

- Driving through a tunnel

- Precipitation such as rain or snow


When the wiper switch is in the intermittent position, the

switch-on condition is detected from a defined windscreenwiper

frequency (cars are delivered with 15 wiping cycles per

minute coded). The switch-on condition is permanently

satisfied when the wiper switch is in position I or II.

When one of the above-mentioned switch-on conditions is

satisfied, the RLS in the E46 transmits the information via the

K bus to the central light switch (LSZ).

In order for the vehicle lighting to be controlled automatically,

the RLS must be set to standby by a separate position of the

light switch on the LSZ.

So hopefully this means that all you need is a new switch, and possibly a reprogramme.If you can pick up a switch cheap fit it, if it doesnt work and your car is still in warranty - go to a dealership and say it's stopped working!They may just reprogramme it !! Just depends how cheeky you feel, or how switched on the dealership is - i cant imagine they would check the spec!!

Hope this helps

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