Jaguar’s M3 rival

In the shape of the new XE, this wee beastie will have a V8 & 489 bhp for good measure! It might look like this…. (then again.?….) It will use the supercharged 5.0-litre V8 from the F-Type S roadster tuned to 489 … Continued

Wilton House 2014

With the promise of probably more McLarens in one place than I’ve ever seen before there was no way I could decline an invitation to the Wilton House Classics and Supercar Event. Held at the quite frankly beautiful Wilton House, … Continued

A new Lagonda

Some would say, this is how a Lagonda should be, instead of the monstrosity of an SUV/4×4 thing?         However, it might only be for ‘special’ Middle East customers……   Aston Martin has teased a new limited-run super-saloon … Continued

About that Bentley SUV….

Well, it’s getting closer and will be in a street near you real soon!  Which will be nice.     We’re already well versed with Bentley’s forthcoming SUV thanks to a barrage of teaser images and videos, but for the … Continued

Aston Martin news on new cars!

Including those AMG engines!     Aston Martin is planning what it calls the “biggest product offensive” in its history as it looks to reinvent itself as a supercar manufacturer fit to take on Ferrari. The transformation will come about thanks to … Continued

Volkswagen doing a Fiat doing a Mini!?

Seems as though VW are about to join the ranks of the 1 ‘car’ is all you need set! The Mini and Fiat’s 500 are the ‘inspiration’ it would seem!     Volkswagen is working on an all-new Beetle, as well as … Continued

The S2000. It lives!

No only is it going to be returning, but it’ll bring 2 friends with it.  The S660 and the NSX! Honda is set for a massive transformation from sensible to sporty, and leading the revolution are three new sports cars, which … Continued

The BMW X7

For those that were a cramped in the X5.       BMW has confirmed the launch of a new range-topping SUV model, called the X7. The X7 will be the biggest SUV ever produced by BMW. It will go … Continued

The CL AMG is now the S Coupe AMG.

And with a smaller engine…… Did mention that is can also tilt?  No?  Well, it can!!!  Just a tilt, not a list.       The new Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG coupe has been revealed ahead of a planned public debut … Continued

The new(est) C63 AMG

Hot on the heals of the new C-class, comes the new AMG version.   On the plus side, you get more power and more torque.  On the, less plus side, is the fact that the thunderous 6.2 V8 is being replaced … Continued