Detroit – 2014. Some of the more interesting stuff

Just a few snippets and pictures from the first major show in 2014.

We have a V12 twin turbo S-class.


The CL will be renamed the S-Class Coupe….  (complete with 94 mpg hy-brid offering)


The XC90 Concept……

NAIAS_2014_STU_111 NAIAS_2014_STU_112


New Corvette with supercharger  (ooohhh!)

chevrolet-corvette-c7-z06-26 2015 "LT4" 6.2L V-8 AFM VVT DI SC (LT4) for Chevrolet Corvette Z


A Nissan Maxima (but not as you know it!)



A Toyota FT-1



And finally, Daz’s new ride?  A new truck from GMC



Remains to be seen which and what the ‘concepts’ look like when production commences……..