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  2. Wordsman Registered Joined 1 d ago 1 Posts Discussion Starter • #1 • 24 h ago I just got a 2017 BMW 530e G30 with adaptive dampers and the manual’s telling me they work better with the BMW sat nav. I’ve just got back from some long trips where I found the sat nav didn’t know the A14 exists at all, took me to a dead end and also down a smaller road that has obviously never existed. I’d much rather use Waze, which I also suspect is better for traffic, though I like how the BMW nav zooms and gives directions in HUD. I’ve done some digging and can’t find any detail - how much does adaptive improve with sat nav? Is it worth updating my maps and sticking with it? Or shall I just accept Waze is better? And, second Q, with adaptive - is there any reason to use Sport/comfort? Presumably adaptive automates that for you? Cheers
  3. A car thread on TSN!!!

    Nice You need some back to back/side to side pictures to get the full blue and red superman effect
  4. A car thread on TSN!!!

    A near 600 Mike round trip. The cars got a quick wash down on the weekend. Today some cleaning/detailing products arrived so they will get some live soon a proper pics taken. I'm planning on DIY ceramic coating mine with Car Pro CQ UK 3.0. You tube makes it look easy.... Pop's isn't quite so trusting for me to ceramic coat his car.
  5. A car thread on TSN!!!

  6. A car thread on TSN!!!

    I'm not a BMW fan myself, but see why people like them. Congratulations on scoring a "twofer" deal for you and your dad. Are you going to pop up some pictures?
  7. A car thread on TSN!!!

    Great negotiating and lots of fun to come then Ive just come out of the Full Fat M version of the X5, V8 Bi Turbo nearly 600hp - awesome piece of kit. The X3M and X4M get good reviews, I look foward to seeing some pictures of both of them together
  8. 420d xdrive mpg

    Sounds great and certainly seems to be lapping up the miles. Though I do hear lots of issues in and around the EGR. My wife had issues with hers and its only just got to 3 years old and has done only 30k ish miles as well.
  9. Go for a the heart option, far easier then to explain it to yourself later. The head option of the older one isn't that much less and as you say is already showing in that particular one its age a little. The newer one has the spec, colour and longevity that you want for only a bit more go for that one I'm sure you won't regret it.
  10. I’ve driven both a 2019 and 2017 530e recently. Both drove well, but the 2019 felt new, while at 50k miles the 2017 was just starting to show its age. I’ve leased new cars for the last few years and kinda got used to to zero hassle. There are lots of 2018/2019 models with comfort and tech packs around £30k, including one that’s my dream colour and spec. There are also a few 2017s with 40-50k miles around £23-25k (but not ideal colour/spec). But according to Car Dealer mag used prices are going up as supply is tight and dealers have had their best June ever. I have my own business and the economy is heading for a deep recession. So the sensible money buys the older car because it’ll cost less and depreciate less. A few miles don’t worry me as I’ve had them before and won’t add much, though potential maintenance is a slight concern. I’ve even thought of spending £10k on a Golf for now, but can’t bring myself to do it! On the other hand, I’ll keep the newer (nicer) car longer, and on low miles will have no maintenance costs for a while. I’m also more likely to get my ideal car, so enjoy it more. I’m also hung up on comfort and tech packs - are they worth it? I’m really keen on the harmon kardon etc. But really, once you have the car, do the options make much difference? None can answer this for me, obs, but I’m interested in views of fellow car people :o)
  11. Red S3's

    Yes that’s my original Rosso Corsa ( Ferrari ) red S3 it had a couple of TSN owners after me, and didn’t have those wheels , stance, or front splitter, was Also seen on ASN , that photo I think was probably the ASN billing Stand judging by the distinctive tent... here it is new
  12. A car thread on TSN!!!

    Very nice indeed - get some photos up when you get them. I keep having a look at X 40i/d but haven't pulled the trigger. I've driven my current motor about 3 times in 3 months so buying a new car for it to sit there as an ornament doesn't seem to make sense at the moment.
  13. A car thread on TSN!!!

    Edit. It is of course an x4 M40i not m440i. Too many 4s in this cars name!
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  15. A car thread on TSN!!!

    I'm sure nobody will object that this is in general and not the BMW forum, those days of that mattering are long past. As a hot hatch lover i have been without one for the last 5 years having had a sensible family bus. The kids ars just about out of booster seats so the time has come to consider something a bit 'hotter'. Practicality is still very much required though so after considering every car segment i was back at square one, the multi talented hot hatch. Having had too many performance VWs to mention i wanted a change. The A class didn't tickle my fancy nor did the many others. I settled on the new 1 series in the shape of the M135i. Not a looker by any means but seriously competent and loaded with tech from cars higher up in the BMW range. I managed to get a corker of a deal at 17% off a factory order in September. Unfortunately the paperwork sat in my inbox as i couldn't bring myself to sign the order form. Having travelled to numerous dealers for test drives i found myself out in an X4 that was sat in one dealers car park. It was the M440i. With engines shrinking all around us and alternative powerplants baked in for my next car <5 years time, i couldn't resist turning down a 4 pot in favour of a bigger 6 cylinder lump. I started negotiating on 3 cars. At one point i actual paid deposits on 2. Sat at my parents house my dad was witnessing the whole thing. Deal done on a red car (i like the look) my pops suddenly pipes up and decides he wants one. Cars left on the table are grey and blue. He doesn't like the blue and i don't like the grey. In the end i managed two identical deals on the blue and red. Both identical spec (apart from colour). He's taking the red and I'm left with the blue. Both pre reged by bmw with 3 and 5 miles on the clock. 34% under list price. Collecting both on Wednesday, driving a hire carr from Bournemouth to Blackpool for his then on to Manchester for mine. X4 M440i, well it is still a hot hatch, kind of...
  16. 420d xdrive mpg

    Brief update,116k miles in 35 months, still around the 54mpg mark, only issue was an egr cooler sorted under warranty 5k miles ago. Had gearbox oil change at 112k and pads all round at 115k in hope that the car lasts at least another 40k before looking at changing. Car still feels the same, nothing loose or creaky yet. Can honestly say it's been possibly the best car i've had. Did a trip to Larkhall and back last week at 67.3mpg in 525 miles.
  17. C63S Front bumper trim

    Hi Simon I've got no answer to your issue but could you tell me a bit more about your car please? Which 'S' version have you got - coupe, saloon, cab? A C63S has quickly moved up my list of cars to consider. I've had plently of V8's over the years but not of the Mercedes variety and I'm interested in your user experiences if poss please :-) Thanks Max
  18. C63S Front bumper trim

    I suspect you will get a "duck, dodge and weave" response. Reaction to your cleaning agents perhaps?
  19. Hi, Noticed whilst washing, that the top part of the ‘aero’ trim on my front bumper has changed colour ever so slightly from gloss black to an almost purple colour, so much so that you can see (what I think are) the mouldings from the factory? (The rings) Is this a warranty issue - the car is just over 1 year old. Cheers. (Had posted in Merc forum but think it’s been a while since anyone visited)
  20. C63S Front bumper trim

    Hi, Recently noticed that the top part of the front trim is changing colour and can also see the mouldings through the plastic - is this a warranty issue?? It’s the same in both sides. Thanks.
  21. 420d xdrive mpg

    Took a nice trip from Derby to Stanmore and back.
  22. Red S3's

    So I bought my S3 the other day. I am very pleased with everything about it apart from one thing....the colour. It is meant to be red but really does look orange/pink especially at night under the street lighting, but also in daylight. I looked on auto trader website and there seems to be two types of Red S3. My Red and a much nicer deeper red. Is this so? The car is a 51 plate, so I doubt it has faded in a few years. I am tempted to get a respray, but someone suggested it might just need a good waxing at a good body shop. Has anybody else had an S3 this colour or any experience with resprays/bodyshops or anything? Thanks Guys!
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