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  1. FSI carbon buildup A.K.A. Audi Black Lung

    On the RS4 forum of I'm trying to get Chopper to provide some independent evidence to back up his claims, but he seems strangely unwilling to provide any... Time to ignore him I think.
  2. Ceiling opens half A4 cabriolet 2004

    Try checking the wiring to the switch, then changing the switch.
  3. FSI carbon buildup A.K.A. Audi Black Lung

    A few years ago several RS4 owners tried replacing the cyclonic separator and fitting a catch can - it made absolutely no difference to carbon build-up compared to the standard setup. So the evidence suggests that a catch can doesn't solve the underlying cause - which is why current thinking is that it's blow back of combustion products due to valve overlap.
  4. Ceiling opens half A4 cabriolet 2004

    Or write it in his native language and use Google translate...then we might be in with a chance of understanding what the problem is.
  5. Ferrari sells for £22,840,000

    250GTO's have always sold for silly money. I was lucky enough to sit in one back in 1988 that had just been bought for £10m by a friend of the MD of the company I worked for then.
  6. It's possible that the battery management system is incorrect, this is a fairly common problem on MMI cars.
  7. RNS-E + Bose + Dension Gateway + VCDS problem!

    The pinout of the BNS 5 and the RNS-E is subtly but importantly different, the Bose pin and K-Line connections are on different pins - which explains both of your problems. Take a look at the paper labels on the BNS and RNS-E and you'll see the different pin locations. Move them to the correct pins for the RNS-E and all will be OK.
  8. audi a8 technical

    Can you hear any fans or pumps running?
  9. audi a8 technical

    How old is the battery?
  10. Only when the range on a single charge is equivalent to the range on a tank of fuel, and the recharge time is similar to the time taken to fill the tank. Unless and until that happens they won't meet the needs of people in rural areas (i.e. a significant proportion of the population) or those who have to travel long distances daily. Personally I think hydrogen fuel is a better way to go than electric...
  11. Check out the stories today about the introduction of charges and/or increased pricing for public charging points Even at home don't forget that charging a battery is at best 60% efficient and with electricity at around 15p per kWh the cost of charging at home isn't insignificant either. Oh and don't get me started on the CO2 emissions from electricity generation in the UK (where most of our electricity comes from natural gas fuelled power stations...
  12. IMHO the official mpg/CO2 figures for hybrids are so far away from what is achievable in the real world they're verging on fraudulent. Plus another scam is the the cost per mile figure quoted - currently they're running adverts on Wave105 with Tiff Needell claiming you can get from London to Brighton for less than £1 (50 miles at 2p/mile). OK so what about the cost of the electricity the night before while it was plugged in? By ignoring that they are making a fraudulent claim again IMHO.
  13. They're in a heated test cell (so the warmup phase is much shorter) with no other traffic driving against a set accel/decel pattern that bear no relationship to how traffic behaves in the real world. Manufacturers figures are comparative onl;y, they have no real meaning other than that - except if it's the figures for a hybrid when they have no meaning at all (if you don't believe me look at the CO2 and mpg figures for the Vauxhall Ampera and compare them to what a journalist got when using it for the daily commute - worse than his daily drive Golf Diesel!).

    The volume (and the tone) of the OEM reversing sensors can be adjusted using VCDS, see
  15. Potentially buy this on Saturday, any pointers

    Even my wife's 2005 Skoda Fabia 1.2 (which cost under £7k new) has the interior light package.