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  1. PC world laptop repairs

    Edit: I've just re-read Mac's post (I'd skimmed it). Doh! Did you get any recovery media with the laptop? Or create a recovery disc when you first got it? (Which is usually how it works nowadays.) Use that, as opposed to the 'on-board' recovery option, to restore it to its 'shipping condition'. Taking it to a local repair shop is probably going to be the least inconvenient option. To be honest, I've had a few viruses in the past (not for a very long time though) and quickly learned the best option is to just wipe the drive and start anew. It's the only way to be sure it's clear. AV and Anti-Malware isn't 100% and even tools specific to the threat don't, in my experience, offer a 100% clean-up. So I stopped bothering. But prevention is better than cure and I've not had a problems, touch wood, in ages and that's just using common sense and MS's own AV.
  2. I try to use Bing, but find Google's search results much, much better. Better in that I get the information I need within the first couple of links. Whereas Bing can get me nowhere.
  3. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-25506020 I'm pretty careful when it comes to opening email, etc and I can't remember the last time I had a virus (touch wood) but reading this is disturbing. Specifically the part here: I was thinking how would something like this effect data on my NAS and hoped it would be safe, but cloud data too?!
  4. What are your fitness plans for 2014?

    I've bought a Wii U and a Wii Fit U Monitor for Christmas. Which means I'm going to mega fit, with next to no effort, in no time at all!
  5. iPad mini.

    Is that on everything? Is there a link to a webpage? (I'm looking, but can't find yet...)
  6. My ex-brother in law would flash everyone overtaking him. I'm not exactly sure why and never asked him. But I assumed he thought he was letting them know they'd gone far enough past him to pull back into lane.
  7. Family car??

    Edit: I've now read the thread fully and discovered my post is largely redundant. :D We out-grew our A4 very quickly. For an estate car it was very small. We lived with it whilst we had two kids, but camping trips required the use of a roofbox. I'm sure the A6 would be better, but I can't imagine by much. Once we had the 3rd child it was a no-brainer - we had to go down the MPV route. Settling on the 5008 after reading reviews and taking test drives. I wanted the Sharan/Alhambra (still do), but they were beyond my budget. If you do go away and take loads of stuff with you, or think you might have more kids, then I'd suggest a good look at MPVs. I know they're not drivers' cars; but they are family cars.
  8. Need 4 new tyres! Any offers around?

    F1 prices were good, but they didn't have any centres near me. I'm wary of going down the buy on-line and fit local route too, for the reasons already mentioned. I assumed the local fitter got very little out of the arrangement and it had crossed my mind they'd not, shall we say, provide a similar level of service. I spoke to my usual local guy and he has lots of remoulds and pre-worn tyres. A selection of budget tyres, but very few of the premium brands. He said he can get them in, but his prices weren't very competitive. He looked on his system for Efficient Grip Performance XL and could only find non-XL, in Effificent Grip (there's a difference). I was willing him to say he'd get a price for the tyre I wanted and call me back, but he didn't. He was more interested in selling me an alternative, something he had in stock, than giving me what I wanted. I'm also a bit wary of going to 'highstreet' tyre fitters; for fear of getting fitters that don't care and are paid to be quick, not careful. However, I'd like to think the chances of getting satisfaction should something go wrong from a national retailer, as opposed to an incompetent local garage, are probably higher.
  9. Need 4 new tyres! Any offers around?

    Event don't do the Efficient Grip Performance. After a long chat with National Tyres via their online chat feature; then a few phone calls to my local depot; being told there are none of the tyre I want in the country until after Christmas - they've just called me back to say Goodyear have 4 tyres somewhere in their warehouse. They're in the system, but they need to find them in the warehouse. Fingers crossed I'll have them for Wednesday. I'd have liked them sooner, but as per usual, I've set my mind on a product that cannot be bought without jumping through several, fire-filled, hoops. If I add up the time it's taken me to find the best price and place a £ value on it, I've probably not saved anything. Oh well, it was a day off. What else was I going to do? Re-grout the bathroom? PS Why do so many of the smilies not work in the new forum?
  10. Need 4 new tyres! Any offers around?

    I think Tesco = Blackcircle. Asda are Tyre Savings Ltd. Site Disclaimer The ASDA Tyres web site is operated by Tyre Savings Limited (company number 07517772) of 3rd Floor, 14 Hanover Street, London, W1S 1YH ("Tyre Savings"). Although ASDA Stores Limited ("ASDA") has authorised its trade mark to be used in conjunction with the ASDA Tyres web site, Tyre Savings is solely responsible for all sales made through ASDA Tyres and ASDA therefore has no rights or obligations under the terms of any contract of sale created through ASDA tyres Camskill don't do the tyre I want in the size I need. Tyre-Shopper are over £75 more expensive than Asda. I appreciate all the suggestions. I'm not being ungrateful when I come back and post the results. Some of the sites I've not heard of before and when I finally decide where to buy I'll be happy that I've given it my all to find the best price.
  11. Need 4 new tyres! Any offers around?

    I've spent hours checking prices and it's getting ridiculous. Prices do vary, but some include fitting, some don't. Using the tyre finders by entering my reg number also throws up varying results. Some say I need a 91V, some a 95, some XL, some not. My car has 95W XL on it and that's what the sticker on the sill of the driver's door states, but most of the websites say I need a 91V! At the moment Asda are out front for 215/50/R17 95W XL. You order via their website, but book into a local garage and pay there too. They're about £100 cheaper on a full set of Goodyears.
  12. Need 4 new tyres! Any offers around?

    This is a minefield. I narrow it down to a tyre I like and then can't find it in the size I need. Example the Falken Euroall Season AS200 gets good write-ups but can only be found in 215/60 R17. Then the search continues, only for the result to be repeated. The internet can be more trouble than it's worth. In the good ol' days you'd just go the local tyre fitter, choose a tyre at a price, drive off and be happy.
  13. Need 4 new tyres! Any offers around?

    Not much choice as far as all-season tyres available. There's the Star Performer SPTS AS 215/50 R17 95V XL @ £75 per corner. But I'm not filled with confidence.
  14. All four of my tyres are considerably worn, especially around the outside edge. It's my own fault for not checking them sooner. I was toying with the idea of winter tyres, but I'm put off by the price and temperatures not being low enough, for long enough to warrant them. They're to go on an MPV: I want something fuel efficient and long lasting; not fussed about ultimate grip at high speeds. 215/50/R17 Using the EU codes as a guide, I've been drawn towards the Kumho Ku39, the Nexen N8000 and at the very far end of the price scale, the Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance. Any recommendations, discount codes, etc?
  15. Xbox One - have you pre-ordered?

    I had to read that twice. I thought you'd written he paid £2200 for it! I'm still hoping for a Christmas bundle to pursuade me to part with my £££.