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  1. A3 vs Clio Cup

    for anyone who is wondering how fast a chipped A3 can go, it is faster than a clio cup, easily.
  2. RS Focus for sale

    haha, he's changed it to favorite. haha. confused the hell out of me.
  3. A3 vs Clio Cup

    it was more sleet than rain.
  4. RS Focus for sale

    don't say that! he's trying to sell the thing!! big it up.
  5. A3 vs Clio Cup

    that is why i braked, because i looked down, then looked up then thought "i don't fancy driving into that fiat, even though one extra off the streets won't do any harm". i braked. i didn't really know i was doing 135 until i looked.
  6. RS Focus for sale

    man! you guys have some cool cars here. german or not, the RS focus is ace.
  7. A3 vs Clio Cup

    it's true i was stoopid, that is why my original post didn't explain anything in detail. i was just being honest. people asked for my account and i gave it. i forgot to add that i had been to the pub earlier and had 5 pints of stella. i was also texting my bird at the time and my wiper blades were worn. still the clio couldn't keep up. oh, one of my wheels was a space saver.
  8. A3 vs Clio Cup

    well it was down a straight dual carriageway that my grandad left me, it has no speed limits but other cars are allowed to use it too once in a while. anyways, this knobcheese comes flying up behind me as i'm coming off a roundabout, he's tailgating like crazy so i pull over and plant it. he stays about a car length behind me in the outside lane up to 100, after 100 i start pulling away easily, get to 125 odd and feel i've made my point so i brake and let him past. i forgot to add that it is pouring down with rain and the road is about to dip and bend. there were no other cars there (i wouldn't have raced otherwise). the eejit keeps razzing it, probably upset that an unbadged cornflower blue A3 gave him a run. haha. bet he's down his dealers today wondering if there is anything wrong with his car while he's getting his "trim" fixed.
  9. Listers Audi Stratford

    they left that book for me too. i thought it was left by accident so i rang them back and they said "no sir, it's a gift from us". would've prefered a 7.99 discount on the service though haha.
  10. 70k mile service has ust been done and they were again superb. Faultless. Car was in perfect condition when i picked it up and they carried out recall work too. Took a dent out of my bumper for the cost of half an hours labour (i was quoted 400 quid for a new bumper from a bodyshop), and even left a little card in the car saying "i have washed and hoovered your car, sorry i had to move your seat but i've hoovered under there too". mad me chuckle. snez.
  11. Why bother with an A3?

    i'd rather live forever. flying through the night sucking blood out of young virgins.
  12. A2 1.6 FSI

    the 75bhp tdi has been out for ages, they're releasing a new one with 89bhp.
  13. My S3 nightmare......

    does it cost more or less than 600 quid now. i might get one myself if it's cheaper.
  14. pug for sale

    mileage? service history? owners? age/reg? tax/mot?
  15. Why bother with an A3?

    16inch pizza will give you a heart attack by 40 and kill ya by 50. i'm off to take a crap, the banana i had this morning went right through me.
  16. A2 1.6 FSI

    i have to admit though, the honda jazz is better. but A2s are more upmarket and used values are crumbling.
  17. A2 1.6 FSI

    there's a new 1.4 diesel engine with 89 bhp being added to the A2 range soon. it's more economical than the 75bhp diesel too. i the A2. it's great fun.
  18. My S3 nightmare......

    the official audi warranty is much better than the normal ones. a renawal does cost 600quid mind you. best thing to do is if you get a car from the dealer then extend the warranty through them as part of your deal, they may let you have it at cost just to secure the sale.
  19. 4 x S3 17" Avus Wheels Incl Tyres

    man! i'm so pissed off i missed this.

    haha funny write up. i've used listers vw in cov before and they are well shite. you could try listers VW in stratford next time. i hate it when this happens. peugeot used to do this sort of shite to me a lot.
  21. Why bother with an A3?

    all this pizza talk is making me hungry. why put a pizza in the boot when they deliver? and how big are the pizzas you're buying anyway?? try a salad next time. they are healthier and will keep you regular.
  22. 1.8t chip ???

    i have a 1998r a3 and after chipping i get around 290 to a tank but i was only getting 300 before that. mine was APR chipped and it is proper fast now. it will keep up with a new shape impreza now no probs. it's jawdroppingly fast and the chassis handles the power no problems. mines been chipped for nearly 2 years and 20k miles now and the dealers haven't found any problems with it. budget about 500 quid for a remap. i had mine done while it was under an audi used car warranty and i had no problems with claims. in fact if you ring listers in stratford or coventry (official audi dealer) they may even get the remap done for you. they do loads.
  23. New Merc SLK

    i bet the thing will hardly depreciate. get yer orders in now.
  24. New Merc SLK

    Longer and wider than the old car, with an extra 30mm in the wheelbase, the new SLK boasts a roomier cabin and options include a new Airscarf neck-level heating system, which blasts warm air from the headrests to keep the driver warm on wintry top-down runs. how cool is Airscarf?
  25. 1.8t chip ???

    check the past posts on this subject as there are loads. like the man above said JFDI