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  1. My S3 nightmare......

    my personal view is that if i'm spending more than 10k on a car, i'd want the safety of buying from a main dealer. all 3 audi dealers i've dealt with (stortford audi, listers stratford and listers coventry) have been totally great to deal with and id definately get another one from them.
  2. Why bother with an A3?

    Why bother with the A3? because people views are subjective and what might be ugly to you might be lovely to someone else. Why do some people like Imprezas and others don't, why do i like the Fiat Multipla when others don't? it's just one of those things that makes us all different. have a spliff....relax....
  3. Listers Audi Stratford

  4. My S3 nightmare......

    that's really poor service. 1800 out of pocket?? i'd have to sell the damn car to find that sort of cash. i was considering fontain but i think i'll stick with Listers Audi in future.
  5. A3 1.8 T Sport or Golf 1.8T

    yep. golfs aren't as reliable as volkswagen would have you think either.
  6. Skoda Octavia RS

    took one for a test drive a year back. really nice stealth car. more responsive than mine and a nice turbo whistle too. seat were very comfy but the trim is a bit garish (you'l know what i mean when you see them). there was much more road noise than mine over 80mph which kind of put me off but otherwise the car is great to drive with a nice gearbox. give it a shot, the dealer was really helpful too.
  7. S3 at Moff Motors

    man i luv your car riz. swear to god, if i win the lottery tonight i'll be down with a 20grand cheque.
  8. Pug 106GTI

    i still miss my 106. i have that clarkson video and watch it sometimes. if they sorted the interior out and added air con i'd get one again in a flash.
  9. audi loses badge row

    a bid by Audi to try and trademark the acronym TDI has been thrown out by the European Court in Luxembourg. The judges ruled that the initials TDI were a characteristic of cars with Turbo Diesel Injection, and were not unique to the German manufacturer. copied from
  10. audi loses badge row

    they should badge them SLo. Slow Lane Only.
  11. Turning Japenese ?

    the accord 2.4 estate i tried was really really good. well built and great to drive. if you are after a mazda 6 try the last time i looked they were churning 2.3 sports with satnav and leather for around 17k
  12. what is everyobody's favorite car...

    a car i could live with on a day to day basis without atracting too much attention would be a honda accord 2.4 estate.
  13. Whos got the highest milage car on TSN?

    my mates 95 A4 1.8 has 170,000 miles on it and all he does is change the oil regularly. still on original exhaust, gearbox and engine. all he's had done is the bearings and a brake calliper.
  14. Race with RX8

    RX8s are growing on me more and more. wish i ordered one now.
  15. Fifth Gear last night???

    they are just jealous that they get a 20 minute show and top gear get a whole hour to lark around.
  16. Factory Built Westfield

    haha good luck to ya man.
  17. Maserati Image?

    always had a good image even when their cars were crap. something cool about saying "i have a maserati". plus the new one looks pretty cool and jodie kidd (pretty cool bird) has one. on the cool board it would be cool. not quite sub zero but cool. a ferrari will always be uncool, no matter how good it is.
  18. Fading DiS

    yep AA offer 2 types of cover. the one that only covers breakdowns is usually sold with car insurance. they do sell a full warranty for around 260 quid which should cover the DIS. check with your audi dealer. ring them up and say something like "i have a fading DIS and an AA warranty, would my warranty cover it and will you guys deal with the claim and do the work?" if they say yes then take out the warranty and wait a couple of months. the trouble with the fading DIS problem is that it is so in yer face that it annoys you to hell and back.
  19. Fading DiS

    dunno if you can get an aftermarket warranty from the aa or something and wait a few months then claim.
  20. Fading DiS

    same thing happened to my DIS. starts fading after an hour or so. had to get the whole DIS unit changed under warranty. no other fix i'm afraid.
  21. New BMW 5 Series on Top Gear cool board

    yep. that car is for assholes that think it is cool because others hate it. that's why they are assholes.
  22. Finally Lowered with 19" wheels!!!!!

    jeeeez! whats the ride and handling like. any tramlining?
  23. Your Soul?

    Your soul is worth £5891. For your peace of mind, 91% of people have a purer soul than you.
  24. Holy Crap!! Merc CL 65 AMG

    you should speak to my mum, she wants a honda jazz and thinks a ferrari would be too impractical for shopping trips. i'll ask her again tonight.