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  1. What do people think of this colour?

    but beetle R32 dude!
  2. What do people think of this colour?

    looks kind of ok but desperately needs the 17inch wheels on it. all the other wheels should be banned.
  3. Holy Crap!! Merc CL 65 AMG

    cool mom. my mum reversed into my car yesterday and caused 400 quids worth of damage. fancy a swap?
  4. rx8 eejit this guy drove his rx8 around with the "suicide" doors open for attention.
  5. Integra R may come to UK - Oh Man...

    no no no. not that one, the NEW one. have pics i think.
  6. Honda hopes to bring the much-loved Integra Type-R sports coupe back to the UK next year. The original Integra Type-R was discontinued in 2001, but the new model - based on the current Civic - was not brought to our shores for fears that sales of the Civic Type-R would be affected. However, 6000 Civic hot hatches sold last year, 4500 more than the projected sales figure, and as a result, Honda feels that the Type-R brand could now sustain more than one model. The Integra Type-R develops 220bhp from a 2.0-litre i-VTEC engine powering the front wheels through a six-speed manual gearbox. Recaro racing seats and polished aluminium touches deck out the cabin. A Honda UK spokesperson told us that to make a valid business case, the company would need to sell around 2000 Integra Type-Rs a year to ensure the parts are available and that dealers' are trained to service the cars. Honda hopes to make a decision early next year and the cars could arrive here by next summer. Estimated prices for the Integra would be around £16,000.
  7. Dunlop SP01 Quiet Tyre

    i was thinking the very same thing. what's the point of buying something then asking if it's any good?
  8. Bye bye 330ci ....

    loads of pluspoints!! is anyone a member of the shell optimax club. they make you a member after you get your points card, but only if you use a lot of optimax.
  9. New Clio?

    mx5 beat the lambo noble impreza sti elise etc in the best handling car test. 15500 buys you a brand new 1.8sport with satnav from leamington mazda
  10. New A3 - Bit pricey??

    the good thing is that S3 prices will stay pretty solid because the new one is so expensive.
  11. New A3 - Bit pricey??

    i specced up a 1.6 A3 to a resonable spec and it came to nearly 20 grand so i'm not surprised. i reckon they are definately on crack. just get a new golf instead. same car for less money.
  12. i have a 98R cornflower blue 1.8T haha. wikked. mines chipped by APR and it is ace. do it now!!
  13. Mazda RX8

    why are they called suicide doors if you can't commit suicide? surely they should be called non-suicide doors.
  14. Is this the most pointless car ever???

    i want the new s40 T5. see ace! check out the floating centre console.
  15. new impreza scoop

    haha he looks like chris_P (see gallery)
  16. new impreza scoop

    what's with the bonnet scoop on the new shape impreza? it's hUGe. how much air does that car need??
  17. What do you leave your DIS set to?

    dynamic mpg. stops me from booting it everywhere.
  18. new impreza scoop

    it's chris "blindman" bangle to give him his full name.
  19. new impreza scoop

    5 years ago they were the daddy. bleedin cheapass imports ruined the image.
  20. 12k budget, sports car required, which one?

    how about a lancer evo4? they gotta be cheap now.
  21. new impreza scoop

    the scoop on the previous shape looked kind of cool and it was even ok on the 'bug-eye' but on the recent shape it is plain silly.
  22. Problems with chipping?

    i've said it a million times but i'll say it again, if you are unsure then contact listers audi who are an official dealer who openly performace chip audis. i've spoken to loads of dealers and owners with chipped cars and they all have only positive things to say. this includes seat and skoda dealers too.
  23. new impreza scoop

    i know but the hole is maSSIve.
  24. Problems with chipping?

    fule consumption on my car wasn't any better or worse but i use the power more so i use more fuel in that respect.
  25. 12k budget, sports car required, which one?

    don't knock the MX5 until you've tried it, it's a great car. bit gay though but get a hard top and black the windows out.