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  1. Michael Jackson

    hahaha. best joke i've read for ages and ages.
  2. Shag fest... the game

    with another person or yourself?
  3. new impreza scoop

    see what fun we can have if we work together.
  4. ok, it doesn't get better than this if you are looking for aproval for chipping. go to and click on DRIVEN, then click on ARCHIVES. You should find a review for a superchips chipped S3. Read it. Ring you chip dealer and book your car in. another option is to ring any LISTERS Audi dealer ( and get your car chipped from them.
  5. Shag fest... the game

    hahaha at simon.
  6. new impreza scoop

    suckin little kids off? hahaha
  7. Shag fest... the game

    this game gave me a semi. i just imagined myself there as a little cartoon bloke in a dorm full of nuns. i didn't last long enough to register a score.
  8. New 5 Series - test drive

    jeeez. i thought the interior pic was of the old shape 5 series. what a mess up.
  9. S3/A3 Steering Wheel......

    it's the airbag fitting that's a pain. the wheels fit fine. you could always disconnect the airbag but then you have to tell your insurers.
  10. S3/A3 Steering Wheel......

    don't they use stunt nuts in pornos? anyway, this guy wants to know aboot the steering wheel. someone advise him for gods sakes!! we don't want him getting a blue suede momo from halfords do we?
  11. S3/A3 Steering Wheel......

    or the knight rider car. that steering wheel is ace!
  12. Audi S8 - Oh Yeah Baby...

    cool! is it true that the black ones are bigger or is it a myth?
  13. i think if i saw this in my mirror i would...

    haven't the evos got a small tank and 10mpg? not very good in a high speed pursuit. just keep a steady 120 down the motorway and the evo copcar chasing you will run out of petrol.
  14. TVR T350 Review - The story so far....

    Beauty and love have no place in Britain. Which is why we are responsible for the most brutal and savage car of all: the TVR. An Alfa Romeo will try to woo you with poetry. A TVR will bend you over the Aga, rip off its kilt and give you one right there and then. A Volkswagen will make you a lovely shepherd’s pie and light a fire to make your evening warm and cosy. Whereas a TVR will come home and bend you over the Aga again. A TVR would nick the lifeboat charity box on the bar, empty it then shove it up your jacksie. A TVR would fight for its life, its honour, its family and, most of all, its pint. Put a TVR on Desert Island Discs and it would take a flamethrower and a selection of hits from Wayne County and the Electric Chairs. Then it would bend Sue Lawley over the mixing desk and make animal love until it broke wind. You don’t get paint on a TVR; it’s woad. And instead of being made from steel or aluminium it’s wattle and daub. It’s an Iron Age fort with a Bronze Age engine. It’s Boudica, only with less femininity and more rage in its heart. And look at the names TVRs have had over the years: Griffith, Chimaera, Cerbera — all terrifying mythological creatures with goat heads and seven sets of teeth. That’s why I’m unnerved by the latest version, the T350C. What kind of a name is that? It makes it sound like an electric toothbrush. And while a toothbrush has a revolving head and bristles, it’s not as scary as, say, a hammerhead shark. Could this mean, then, that the new car has lost some of its bite? Two things back this up. First of all, it’s a coupé with a boot and a hatchback, and I’m sorry but I just don’t equate the concept of TVR motoring with all this stuff. It’s like trying to imagine a Saxon despot in a cardigan. Then there’s the handling. Push any of the other TVRs into a corner too fast and in an instant, with no warning, you’re in a world of smoke and hate. Getting your entry speed wrong in a TVR is as dangerous as spilling a Glaswegian’s pint. But the toothbrush just understeers, like a Golf or a Focus. There’s other stuff too. For all the racing heritage and volume of a straight-six engine, it simply doesn’t sound as terrifying as a V8. And this is the first TVR I’ve driven in ages with a substandard interior. In recent years we’ve become used to all sorts of swoops and oddities, but in this one it just doesn’t work. It feels daft for no reason. And yet, by some considerable margin, this is the best TVR I’ve ever driven. With its integral roll cage it feels stiffer and more together, like all four corners are working in harmony, rather than in discord. And the brakes are just astonishing. So’s the power. You may only get 3.6 litres and no forced induction, but you end up with a better power-to-weight ratio than you get from a Lamborghini Murciélago. That means it is seriously, properly, eye-poppingly fast. And because it doesn’t try to bite your head off every time you make a mistake, you can use more of the power for more of the time. Finally, there’s the question of money. To get this kind of performance you have to be looking at a Porsche GT3 for £72,000, or a Murciélago for £163,000. Even the Noble I wrote about last week is over £52,000. But the TVR is just £38,500. Plus another two if you want lift-out roof panels. So what we have here is a TVR with all the savagery of the olde worlde coupled with the practicality of a useable boot and a soft ride. It’s an ancient Briton with Roman overtones and as a result Alan Rickman wouldn’t be able to play it properly in a film. He’d be too mad. Think more in terms of Alan Titchmarsh — a little bit raunchy but actually a little bit not. from clarksons review in the sunday times this weekend.
  15. Just had a flier through from listers audi. apparently they chip cars now through their listers motorsport arm. they also offer exhaust and suspension upgrades. there shouldn't be any excuses for not being chipped now.
  16. ploptimax or toptimax?

    i put 15 quids worth of shell unleaded in and it got me 90 miles. i put 15 quids worth of optimax in and got 105 miles. the fuel was put in at the same point (it said 20 miles on the DIS), and the driving was the same style and all done around town. air con was on all the time. i waited for the fule light to come on both times. chipped A31.8t. i think i'll use toptimax from now on.
  17. Optimax

    see my research ...
  18. A question on Audi service

    not me. the surveys say it.
  19. When will Audi stop producing the A2 ??

    [ QUOTE ] as the plan is to make one of those baby things next year - any tips, much appreciated ! [/ QUOTE ] well, don't use a condom and don't pull out too early. that's about it really. regards snez.
  20. A question on Audi service

    i don't think audi service would be close to lexus but should easily beat renault.
  21. News on the new S3...

    the new golf gti floats my boat at the moment. 200bhp 2.0fsi sounds right, if they get the handling sorted and don't badge the 1.6 as a gti then i'm tempted.
  22. Chipping

    i wouldn't bother with a non-turbo car chip. save up and get a turbo model instead. there are loads about for cheap.
  23. Peturbed

    blow 1.8Ts away eh? not if the 1.8T is chipped bucko!
  24. Peturbed

    150bhp just ain't enough these days. maybe 5 years ago it was a lot but now you gotta have 200.
  25. Listers Audi and chipping

    if you buy a car from them that is chipped or get your car chipped by them then your warranty should be fine. give them a ring they have 4 Audi dealerships in Stratford Upon-Avon, Coventry Worcester and Sutton Colefield. i don't have anything to do with them but respect is due to a dealer who has "come out".