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  1. I drive slower and safer when i have passengers in my car too. Doesn't mean i drive like a nut the rest of the time. It's weird but I do it. Suppose if i crash I don't want to be responsible for hurting anyone else but me. Again a contradiction as if i hit another car I may hurt the driver. confused.gif

  2. isn't that what a penis enlargment operation is though. they severe the nerves above it so it hangs lower. doesn't make the erections bigger, just the flacid size.

  3. has anyone tried any of the penis enlarging tablets that are available on the .net it's just that i get sooo many emails to my hotmail account telling me to take them that i'm beginning to get a complex.

  4. don't go man! never walk out on a good argument.

    I like BMWs and I like Audis. It seems to me that people only believe the motoring press when it suits them. You shouldn't do that. It's ignorant. Loddrik was just expressing his view and he got shot down by, what i see, a bunch of Audi zealots. Just accept that the 3.2 got its ass-f**ked in a group test and move on. beerchug.gif

  5. watch yourself dude. she might tell your mate that she is shagging you just to get you two to kick off. be very very nice to her, make it sound like you are almost interested. keep her as your friend, pissing her off could be a massive problem. keep her on your side.

    you gotta get your mate to leave her.