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  1. Driver caught doingf 145mph!

    Though the rush of doing 120 on the M6 in the pouring rain in rush hour is just too big to ignore. (joke).
  2. Driver caught doingf 145mph!

    I drive slower and safer when i have passengers in my car too. Doesn't mean i drive like a nut the rest of the time. It's weird but I do it. Suppose if i crash I don't want to be responsible for hurting anyone else but me. Again a contradiction as if i hit another car I may hurt the driver.
  3. big dick

    has anyone tried any of the penis enlarging tablets that are available on the .net it's just that i get sooo many emails to my hotmail account telling me to take them that i'm beginning to get a complex.
  4. big dick

    maybe you are in homophobes are really homosexuals, people who boast about having a large penis are really v small...
  5. New A3 Rattles from Windows/Door Seals

    my dealer had to reseat the seals and stick some gunk on them. it's a common problem. try another dealer.
  6. Women!! Sometimes I dont undertand them.

    dump her and shag her mate. result.
  7. big dick

    no research, just watching late night programmes on channel 4 and 5.
  8. Audi A3

    flat cornflower blue (purple). it annoys the [censored] out of people and hurts my eyes. i love it.
  9. big dick

    isn't that what a penis enlargment operation is though. they severe the nerves above it so it hangs lower. doesn't make the erections bigger, just the flacid size.

    you should be getting 30 average on a standard sport. 15mp is daft. i get about 100 miles from a tenners worth of fuel. that was when fuel was 76p a litre.
  11. Porsche Carrera GT for sale

    then i'll take one!
  12. big dick

    look what i found on ebay. wikked haha. you only gotta have it on for 10hours a day. "is that a penis enlarger in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?" "errr, it's a penis enlarger"
  13. Should I or should I not ...

    Post Deleted
  14. Porsche Carrera GT for sale

    i dunno, it hasn't even got a roof.

    my chipped A3 gives me about 29mpg with fast driving. get about 300miles from a tank. worth it though.
  16. S3 Polished Mirrors

    Those polished mirrors look ace. especially on a Nogaro S3.
  17. 3.2 WHY OH WHY!!!!!

    don't go man! never walk out on a good argument. I like BMWs and I like Audis. It seems to me that people only believe the motoring press when it suits them. You shouldn't do that. It's ignorant. Loddrik was just expressing his view and he got shot down by, what i see, a bunch of Audi zealots. Just accept that the 3.2 got its ass-f**ked in a group test and move on.
  18. Sony Ericsson Z600 Mobile Phone

    yeah man. we've had a bit of an internet clampdown at work so i'm limited to crappy bbc and microsoft websites. dunno how much news about windows security patches and the war in Iraq i can take. stupid websense.
  19. Used once, never to be used again. Phone is about 3 weeks old and on the O2 network but will work on most other networks too. Has Bluetooth, 65k colour screen, camera, games (v rally), etc etc. looking for the best offer. email me at [email protected] or PM me (email will get faster response). Snez.
  20. Sony Ericsson Z600 Mobile Phone

    put the phone on ebay now. no reserve. post will be registered anywhere in the UK.
  21. Sony Ericsson Z600 Mobile Phone

    80quid anyone?
  22. WANTED

    i'm sure she's great but you must question lupogirls judgement when she makes a decision to advertise for a bloke on an audi forum. psycho alert! (just kidding)
  23. Hello Im new!!

    That blue mini above with the scots flag on the roof is ace. Blue with white 17inch wheels looks ace. Minis are ace gay or not who cares.
  24. WANTED

    sounds more like a meat than a meet.
  25. HELP

    watch yourself dude. she might tell your mate that she is shagging you just to get you two to kick off. be very very nice to her, make it sound like you are almost interested. keep her as your friend, pissing her off could be a massive problem. keep her on your side. you gotta get your mate to leave her.