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  1. what a scam. talk about customers being treated like crap. it looks like none of the car manufacturers seem to care about their customers. subaru owners are complaining too about dealers. mercedes is crap and bmw rip customers off with inflated garage prices. looks like we should all drive lexuses (lexi?) and be treated like people who have spent 20k plus on a car. although on second thoughts...

    did anyone read about theives being able to get into peugeot 206's by bending the door frame back and opening the door. peugeot said they knew about it but won't do anything. like people being able to bypass vw locking systems and being able to get into the cars easily.

  2. i think that kid was from the midlands. his dad owns a huge scrapyard and is loaded. the kid killed himself and his mate too.

    the years someone has had their license is what i meant. not age. i know it took me a good 4 years to actually learn about the way a car handles and moves in different conditions and rwd vs fwd etc.

  3. i agree with you. i've always felt that you shouldn't be allowed to buy a certain type of car until you have a number of years experience. usually insurance prices you away from powerful cars but even that for some, isn't a problem.

  4. speaking of hot audi women, if anyone gets the chance to visit listers in coventry, try to check out the saleswoman there. she came up to me and asked if she could help me and i just blabbed something and ran. hot women have that effect on me. how am i ever supposed to buy a car off someone like that. she'd stitch me up something silly.

  5. the new a4 and a8 are lovely though. they can't screw the a3 up. isn't it one of the biggest sellers for them? i think i remember the pic in autocar. it did look a bit crap.

  6. i saw the invoice to the warraty firm and the part was definately around 300. its ace! the dealer didn't question my claim at all. as soon as i said i had a warranty he fitted a new DIS. i need to open a car dealership, these guys must make a bomb from warranty firms.

  7. hello all. i dunno if you remember me but i used to be on audi-sport until i was banned (still dunno why). anyways, thats all in the past. if this is the new forum then cool. we can start again. i can see that a lot of the old mob are on here too. i'm trying to get my new mate (Brabus) back. he was banned too (the same time as i was). he's a bit reluctant, i think he took it badly, so can everyone make us feel welcome and give us a great big hug!! i got a lot of handy help and info from the old forum, i hope this one is the same.

    regards (and merry xmas)


    ps. are the girls here too. y'know? audi girl and the other one? or is it men only at the mo'.