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  1. Why bother with the A3? because people views are subjective and what might be ugly to you might be lovely to someone else. Why do some people like Imprezas and others don't, why do i like the Fiat Multipla when others don't? it's just one of those things that makes us all different. have a spliff....relax.... smile.gif

  2. 70k mile service has ust been done and they were again superb. Faultless. Car was in perfect condition when i picked it up and they carried out recall work too. Took a dent out of my bumper for the cost of half an hours labour (i was quoted 400 quid for a new bumper from a bodyshop), and even left a little card in the car saying

    "i have washed and hoovered your car, sorry i had to move your seat but i've hoovered under there too". mad me chuckle.


  3. took one for a test drive a year back. really nice stealth car. more responsive than mine and a nice turbo whistle too. seat were very comfy but the trim is a bit garish (you'l know what i mean when you see them). there was much more road noise than mine over 80mph which kind of put me off but otherwise the car is great to drive with a nice gearbox. give it a shot, the dealer was really helpful too.

  4. always had a good image even when their cars were crap. something cool about saying "i have a maserati". plus the new one looks pretty cool and jodie kidd (pretty cool bird) has one.

    on the cool board it would be cool. not quite sub zero but cool. a ferrari will always be uncool, no matter how good it is.

  5. yep AA offer 2 types of cover. the one that only covers breakdowns is usually sold with car insurance. they do sell a full warranty for around 260 quid which should cover the DIS. check with your audi dealer. ring them up and say something like "i have a fading DIS and an AA warranty, would my warranty cover it and will you guys deal with the claim and do the work?" if they say yes then take out the warranty and wait a couple of months.

    the trouble with the fading DIS problem is that it is so in yer face that it annoys you to hell and back.