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  1. 2006 RS4 improvements

    Still got the RS4, 5 years of ownership on a 6 year old car and just shy of 100k miles and hasn't put a foot wrong and very little I'd want to trade it for so its staying another couple of years until the chimps are old enough to go out on their own and I can upgrade to an R8 V10.
  2. Aventador (with (not very good!) pics)

    The doors do have good clearance and are well weighted. I think you would find them easy to live with.
  3. 2006 RS4 improvements

    Most cost effective mods are; uprated ARB's front and rear, either Hotchkis or H&R non-resonated cat back exhaust with or without valves. Milltek is the known brand, Tubi, Supersprint and Capristo sound better and plenty of indpendent fabricators around now who can do one for you Next on the list cost wise is a remap which on an N/A car may sound pointless but better custom maps out there will remove the throttle / torque limiters in the first three gears and give you a bit more of the grunt lower down and a little more power. After that a decoke and possible port / polish deflap on the manifold, after that gutted pre cats / race cats / no cats but then the car does get loud. Possibly add to that a GruppeM / Cold air intake and finally a supercharger and perhaps some ceramic brakes if you car wasn't lucky enough to come with them already.
  4. Aventador (with (not very good!) pics)

    They sound quite sedate at low revs but immense WOT. There were 5 at Goodwood on Sunday including the one that was my taxi for the day....
  5. B7 RS4 disc's and pads

    Unless you buy used discs, you won't get a new set of fronts for less than £500 and the same for the rears so just over £1k total. Pagid's are OEM pads but EBC yellowstuff do work well and are £220 for fronts and rears with pad wear sensors in the front, unlike Ferrodo DS2500's which are the other forum recommended pad for the RS4
  6. milltek non res

    Still got it and no plans to change it, bought another car to do the commute in so the RS doesn't get abused as much as previously. Not lurking as such, just not a lot to positively contribute.
  7. milltek non res

    Just in the background....
  8. milltek non res

    If it was a valved system then I would suggest non-res; it's what a lot of the RS4 owners have only because they can then close it off when it may become obtrusive around town / first thing in the morning etc. If no valve operation then like others have said it may be too much on a day to day proposition if that is your only car.
  9. Best car shampoo?

    +2 for Duragloss, been using it for the last 2 years after several other car shampoos from Halfrauds and online including those from Meg's, AG, CG, Zymol and Dodo. I'll let you have a sample amount of your want to try before you buy Chris as I usually buy a gallon carton
  10. Which brake pads for RS4?

    If you are still considering which pads there is nothin wrong with EBC yellow stuff pads which have wear sensors in them or Ferrodo DS2500 which do not. OEM Pagids are fairly soft, produce a lot of dust which in turn clogs the small for purpose crossdrilled holes and can lead to high heat spots on the dicss which is predominantly what people experience as 'warping'. I've run yellowstuffs for nearly two years / 30+k miles now on the same set of pads and discs and have had no issues. Bite is as good if not better and better retardation plus less prone to fade.
  11. Bird poo

    Happy to help you out with the use of a Kestrel DAS6 Pro, hex logic pads and some Menzerna.
  12. Audi RS3 launch confirmed....

    In this discussion though one is not mutually exclusive of the other? The RS3 is aimed at people who want a fast, perhaps discreet quality car with performance credentials who still have to transport around others / family and kit. If I didn't have any of those I wouldn't have bought an RS4 or be menatlly considering an RS3 as a replacement, I would perhaps look at a CSL or GT3. That was the point I was trying to make. Like TP27 has said they will still sell lots but not to CSL / GT3 customers. More likely S4 / RS4 customers looking for a change, TT-RS owners with family commitments and then other marques?
  13. Audi RS3 launch confirmed....

    But then neither a CSL or GT3 qualify in the same market category as an RS3 is aimed at I suspect. Two less doors for a start. Does an RS 500 or Golf R come with 5 doors?
  14. Audi RS3 launch confirmed....

    I wonder if you can option B&O, magnetic ride and ceramics? That'll take it to £46k straight away.
  15. Looked at an RS5 this w/e

    Winter tyres have their place but for the number of days per year in the UK where the temperature remains under 5 degrees C, let alone it snows, unless you have the money and more importantly space to store a set of rims with winter tyres on it is an impracticality especially when summer tyres can operate reasonably well and to within the limits of the majority of drivers ability. Garcon made a very valid comment, most need to learn to drive properly first in snow, winter tyres still wouldn't save them. as for 4WD vs 2WD, I do subscribe that it can provide safer driving but not for the merits of outright speed because you still have to stop. If it didn't have merits then all cars would be 2WD. As for Golfer's comments, your m-DCT should be quicker give it is lighter than my Avant and I'm manually shifting, what's your point? Back on subject regarding the RS5, I suspect that after the RS4 and R8 a lot were hoping that Audi had moved the game on again with the RS5. But it appears s-Tronic, a trick diff and effectively twin throttle bodies and a second air intake on the RS4 engine is not enough for most after a 3 year wait after the RS4 especially for the price that is being charged. A used RS5 may be an attractive prospect to some but not a new one. But then such is the success of Audi at prsent they'll probably still sell them by the bucket load. The days someone does an RS5 vs TT-RS test will be interesting.